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15 Tell Tale Signs You Really Love Your Partner

The moment when someone realizes they are deeply in love with their partner is a profound and transformative experience. It often arrives unexpectedly, catching them off guard with its intensity. Their heart races, their mind becomes consumed with thoughts of their partner, and they can’t imagine their life without their partner by their side.

Talked About The Future

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One poster said, “He saw that I was having trouble with my anxiety and helped me block out the noise with a pillow and quietly talked to me about our future together through one of the pillows until I could fall asleep leaning on him.”

At The Quad

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A second poster added, “The moment I saw him. I was hanging out in the quad at school, people-watching, and talking with friends. He walked past us, and I immediately melted. A friend of mine ran over to him and asked him for his number and said I thought he was cute. Instead of just giving me his number, he came over and introduced himself to me, and asked me on a proper date. He’s amazing, and every day I fall more and more in love with him.”

A Person To Confide In

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A third poster shared, “When I saw that she and I had similar goals in life, we thought the same about some things and filled in gaps for each other on other things. She told me, “You know you can tell me anything.” So I told her EVERYTHING. Together, nothing but total honesty. She said, “I knew you were going to be good.”

It Just Clicked

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One user mentioned, “I met my wife online. We were really good friends at first. One day I was sitting in the library at school, and it just suddenly clicked that I loved her, and I felt my stomach spinning at the realization. This was 1999/2000, so meeting someone online was taboo as hell. Everyone thought I was insane, but 20+ years later, still married, still happy.”


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A poster commented, “It was freshman year of high school, and I met a sophomore through some friends. We quickly became best friends, constantly chatting on the phone (back when everyone had landlines, so our families weren’t thrilled). If we weren’t tying up the phone lines, we were tying them up by chatting on AIM. I knew I loved her a few months in, but I didn’t get the courage to ask her out until the end of the school year. I made the mistake of asking her on AIM, so she said she wasn’t sure. A few days later, we were hanging out in person, and she told me to ask her again. Now I’m 36, very happily married to her, and we’re trying for a baby.”

Warm & Cozy

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This commenter added, “We were chilling in lockdown. It was so cozy. We were playing or watching Sonic The Hedgehog. I can’t remember. I felt so warm and safe and happy where I was for the first time I could remember. I just learned about them and quietly said that I loved them. Three years later, we live together and have five rats.”

Casual Friends

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Someone shared, “Almost immediately, we’d been casual friends for quite someone time but lost touch after I left for college. She graduated two years after me, and the summer she came from freshmen year, we saw each other at a party and immediately reconnected. We started hanging out every day that summer. I eventually transferred schools before my senior year to be close to her. It’s been almost 20 years, and she makes me as happy as she did when we first reconnected.”

I Love You Too

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A top-liked comment said, “It was after he left for a summer abroad. He went to Australia from June to September, we were just hook-up buddies prior to that, but he was always sweet to me, and we never hooked up with anyone else. Truth be told, I had a little crush on him even before we hooked up. I was having a bad day, and we Skyped. As soon as his face popped up on the screen, I burst into tears and told him how much I missed him, and he said, “I love you too.” It was just a beautiful response to my awful day. We’ve been together ever since.

End To A Bad Day

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This person mentioned, “When I had a really bad day and went to see her, I planned on complaining about it. The second I saw her, that bad day/feeling went away. Didn’t realize until the next day that she didn’t even need to do anything to cheer me up. Seeing her was enough.”

Thinking About 

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A user stated, “He was what I thought about when I went to sleep and what I thought about when I woke up. We’ve been dating for 3 years, but now I don’t think of him the way I used to lol it feels like we’re an old married couple.”

Felt Safe

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Someone added, “I felt safe being the same way with them as I felt alone. I can really be myself at all times. It’s a surreal feeling that I can always be who I am now.”

Hand Holding

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This poster stated, “When he held my hand, it was a pretty small thing, but after getting to know each other, we went on a date, and while we were walking around, he held my hand. Weird to say, but no man had ever done that in a tender non-sexual way before (I only ever had girlfriends and one-night stands with guys), and I normally HATE my personal space being encroached upon, but as soon as he held my hand, I felt like never letting him go. Now three years in an amazing relationship and counting.”

Laying In Bed

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A commenter shared, “We were still in the “seeing each other phase,” We were laying in my bed one day, I turned to her and said I love you, without missing a beat. She said it right back. We eventually ended it because we were going in separate directions, but I’ve to this day never loved someone so intensely.”

Cut Himself Off

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This user said, “He was about to tell me something, then cut himself off and hugged me. I remember wondering if he would say he loved me, then feeling absolutely amazing at the thought of it. I realized then that I loved him too.”

Grew & Grew

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Finally, a user shared, “She was my neighbor. We rarely interacted aside from “hi’ and “bye” when we saw each other. During covid, I was remote, and so was she, and since we were the youngest people in the building, we kind of drifted together. It started one day when I asked her to have lunch with her door open and mine open as we lived across the hall. From there, it grew and grew. We’ve been living together for almost two years, but because of covid, it feels like 4. I wouldn’t trade a day of my life with her for anything.”Source: Reddit

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