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15 of The Most Embarrassing And Weirdest Things People Have Fought Over

Get ready to cringe and chuckle as we delve into human conflicts. These incidents will leave you both amused and bewildered, from trivial matters to the downright bizarre. Join us as we explore the peculiar side of human disputes and witness the lengths people will go to defend their pride, no matter how unconventional the subject may be.

Sunday Or Monday

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A second user said, “Ex-boyfriend and I got into a huge fight about whether the week started on Sunday or Monday. Pretty sure we broke up before ever resolving the disagreement.”

Fists Of Fury

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One user shared, “I went to the clubs with some friends.. got loser drunk. There was a hotdog stand outside, which had every topping. I made a monstrous 8$ hot dog, took one bite, and my friend smashed it out of my hands. Needless to say, the fists were flying.”

Over Pizza

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A third user stated, “I pulled a pizza out of the oven maybe a minute early, and my sister punched me in the head 4 times. I tried restraining her, and my shirt ripped off my body. It wasn’t even her pizza!”

No Talking

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This user added, “Probably when my husband ate the center part of my Cinnabon. I was so mad. That is the best part of the whole damn thing. We didn’t talk for like 3 days.”

A Little Salty

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One Redditor commented, “Got into an argument about what salt I should be using when I cook. I like the sea salt grinder that we have, and my partner thinks I should be using table salt.”


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A top-liked comment said, “My husband and I both get grumpy when hungry. I once popped into a 7 eleven for something unrelated and decided to purchase their last eclair to split with my husband. When I returned to the car, my husband was mad because I only got one item, assuming it was just for me. When I insisted it was to share, he didn’t believe me and said that I should’ve gotten two eclairs or no eclairs. I got so frustrated that I threw the eclair against the windshield.”

Kicked Out

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A user shared, “I once got in a fight with my Dad, not just an argument, but a full-blown fight that ended with him ordering me out of his house. It started over whether Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto was offensive.”

Over Dinner

Woman throwing a napkin at her date at the table
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One user added, “One day, my ex calls me on the way home from work and asks me what I want to do for dinner.  I told her I didn’t really care and asked if she could make chili cause she made good chili. She tells me OK but says she needs some canned tomatoes, so I tell her that’s cool and I’ll pick some up. When I got home and gave her the cans of tomato sauce, she dumped them in the pot and threw the empty cans at the wall. She was raging mad ’cause she asked what I wanted for dinner, and I didn’t know that meant she wanted to go out.”


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This top-liked comment mentioned, “Every Monopoly game my family ever played ended with someone flipping the board over.”


Fight Rules two men fighting
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This poster recalled, “I had an argument with my current roommate about if a football player was a top ten at his position from 2005-2008. It escalated to having people have to break us up because punches were getting ready to happen. The next day we were just like, whatthef****k.”

Dog Fight

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One user shared, “Talking about getting a pet with my girl. I wanted either a big dog or something cool like a fox. She said she wants a pig, which I AM NOT down for. This sh****t still gets brought up to this day.”

Keyboard Warrior

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A poster mentioned, “A long, long time ago, while I still was a hardcore counter-strike gamer, a friend/neighbor banned me from the server. I went crazy and ran over to him. Fought like a couple of awkward teens, then went home to play a different game after.”

Political Awareness

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This user added. “While drinking Crown and Coke one night, my roommate and I argued about how Congress passed bills. It was something along the lines of not agreeing about what committees do/don’t do or something. It was heated and passionate with lots of yelling.”

Fight About Fighting

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One said, “My ex-girlfriend once got incredibly upset and started a huge fight with me because she felt bad that she would get mad at me and start fights but that I would never get mad at her for anything.”

Old Donuts

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One poster added, “My ex-girlfriend would get upset at all sorts of silly sh****t. Once, she got mad because she found old donuts in my fridge. She got me that I never ate.”

Incredibly Angry

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A user Recalled, “The first major argument my girlfriend and I ever had was over the Incredibles. It’s one of my favorite movies ever, and she does not care for it. The argument escalated until we were both in tears. Five years later, we still have an unspoken agreement, not to mention that movie.”

Free To Go

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This user said, “My ex-girlfriend and I nearly broke up over an argument about the existence of free will. Graduate students shouldn’t date each other.”

Must Love Chocolate

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A poster mentioned, “I recently got into an argument with my boyfriend about candy…he likes shi****y candy. Hates chocolate and loves bottlecaps. Ew.”

Beat That

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One Redditor shared, “I broke up with my girlfriend over a Magic: The Gathering game. It was only my 20th or so game and her third. Beat that.”

Stirring Anger

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Finally, “When I was younger, my little brother and I got into a huge fight because I felt he was stirring the macaroni wrong. It escalated, he punched me in the stomach, and I tried to force his head under the sink.” Source: Redditors

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