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Single All The Way: Users Share Their Thoughts About Why They’re Still Single

There are numerous reasons why someone may find themselves single at a given point in their life. It could be a conscious choice, driven by prioritizing their career, education, or personal passions, which leaves little time or energy for a romantic relationship. While others may simply feel that they have nothing to offer a romantic partner. Some people may lack confidence in their looks and may have encountered challenges in finding a compatible partner after a long emotional breakup.

Wants What Can’t Have

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One user said, “I end up crushing on the unavailable person or the not-into-me person and become so infatuated with them that I don’t pay attention to anyone else I might actually have a shot with.”

Death Of A Spouse

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A second user shared, “I was married 30 years, and my wife died.  It’s been 3 years, and I’ve gone totally feral.”

Unknown Wants

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A third user added, “I don’t know what I want from a significant other. The idea of being in a relationship sounds great, but I can never find someone who makes that idea seem worthwhile.”

Lacks Effort

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This Redditor said, “I have put literally 0 effort into not being single. I am content with the way my life is, and I feel like I’m at an age where people are dating to get married. That’s not for me.”

Doesn’t Stand Out

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One user added, “I don’t put myself out there. Just go to work and back home. I’m basically a hermit that works.”


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This poster said, “I’m ugly, and my standards are way too high. I’m just not into dating someone in my league, I guess.”

No Confidence

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A commenter said, “I’m short, not very attractive, and lack confidence. Even I wouldn’t want to date me.”

The Opposite Of

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A top-liked comment said, “Whenever I think about approaching a guy, I remind myself that I’m most likely the opposite of what he likes. So I guess lack of self-confidence.”

Stuck In A Cycle

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A Redditor added, “I’m not attractive enough that a girl would approach me, and I am too shy to approach a girl. It’s quite the vicious cycle.”

Loss Of Self-Esteem

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This Redditor commented, “After years of acne treatment and not getting results, I gave up. I’m unattractive, and it destroyed my confidence and self-esteem.”

Not A Catch

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This commenter posted, “I’m ugly, boring, short, skinny, and have no personality, no ambition, no job, and no car. Not much to offer someone in terms of being a catch.”

Not Worth It

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One poster shared, “Personally, If I don’t think I would ever marry you, then I wouldn’t date you. Am I the only one who feels this way?”

List Of Grievances

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A top-liked comment said, “I’m mostly a shut-in and ⁠generally not in a “got my sh****t together” state. I have debt ⁠, and the fact that this list is this long already, I’m still not truly interested in a romantic relationship due to my learning of relationships vicariously through others.”

Video Games

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A user mentioned, “I feel like it’s mainly because I play video games in my room all day and have no social life.”

Too Selfish

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Finally, a Redditor said, “Because I don’t try to get a girlfriend, I’m too selfish to spend my money and time on someone else.”

Redditors explore various reasons why they believe they are single. The thread highlights a range of factors contributing to singleness, including personal choices to prioritize personal growth, careers, education, and independence. Some Redditors mention challenges in finding compatible partners or difficulty meeting people who share their values and interests. Attractiveness is also a common theme mentioned by many users.

Source: Reddit

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