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Her Sister Was NOT Invited To The Wedding

We’ve all heard of a shotgun wedding, one that is quick and spontaneous. Most times the family is in disagreement about a quick wedding since they worry they haven’t known each other long.

A woman let her sister know that she was rushing into marriage and it was not a good idea. The sister didn’t take it very well. How would you take it?

Sister Disagreement

The original poster (OP) in this thread met her current fiancé 6 months ago and, in her words, fell madly in love. After the first six months of being together, they felt they were committed to each other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, so they got engaged. OP says, when you know, you just know.

OP went on to talk about how at the beginning of their relationship, her sister was supportive, and happy for her and even congratulated her when OP sent her a text that they were engaged.

However, when OP and her sister saw each other a week later her sister sat down with her. She had a serious conversation saying that she should strongly reconsider getting married so quickly and that she feels OP is too young and could potentially meet people she loved even more. 

OP took offense to what her sister said because she feels that she loves her fiancé more than anything and feels like her sister is saying how she feels and her love isn’t important. OP’s sister also suggested they date a bit longer before they get married, but OP feels that they are fully committed to each other, and they might as well get married and be recognized as soul mates in the eyes of the law. 

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Sister Is Not Invited

OP then asked her sister bluntly if she supported her getting married, to which her sister replied, no, she does not. OP responded that since she does not support her getting married, then she should not be at the wedding, got up, and then left. 

OP also said that she and her fiancé were working on a guest list for the wedding recently, and they both agreed that if OP’s sister does not support them getting married, she should not attend the wedding and therefore will not be invited. After OP and her sister’s previous conversation, they have not spoken, but OP said that her sister has texted her several times asking to talk, but OP has ignored her.

Reddit Weighs In

Redditors gave their opinion on this sister, wedding drama.

One Redditor said, “YTA. You have not known him long enough to actually love him, you are infatuated. On top of that you are ready to ruin the relationship with your sister for a guy you actually do not know? The fact that he is ready to allow for estrangement is very concerning. Narcissists and abusers like to isolate their victims. That is my concern regarding him encouraging the rift with her sister.”

A second redditor responded, “Cutting her out really only makes the sister’s concerns more valid tbh.”

A third Redditor said, “And “being recognized as soul mates in the eyes of the law.” Oh dear. The law DGAF about soul mates. The law recognizes the merging and dividing of assets. That’s what marriage is, legally. (And spousal privilege while testifying, etc. at a high level). YTA, OP. Your sister is in the right here. The fact that you’re willing to throw away what sounds like an otherwise close relationship for this is concerning, and the fact that your fiance is encouraging it rather than being the voice of reason is beyond concerning.”

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Another user said, “Yup, you nailed this one. YTA. I’ve had pimples longer than you’ve known your partner, yet you are already going to destroy a lifelong relationship when they share their concerns. She even tried to reach back out to you to see what can be done to fix this, and you ignore it. You don’t know everything about a person in six months, this is still the honeymoon phase where you are infatuated with them. I wouldn’t be on your side either as it takes more than six months to know a person well enough to make a lifetime decision, IMO.”

Finally, a Redditor said, “YTA. You’re upset because your sister expressed honest concern. Your response was childish. And kicking her out of your wedding is equally so.”

Redditors gave their opinions on this sister drama, What is your opinion? Should she listen to her sister or at least invite her to the wedding?

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