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19 Boundaries Everyone Should Have in Their Relationship

In a relationship, setting boundaries is essential for a healthy connection. Nobody likes having their boundaries ignored repeatedly, as it can lead to resentment and cause major problems in the future. Recently, someone asked, “What are the small boundaries you’ve learned in relationships over the years?” The question sparked a huge discussion with many fantastic answers.

Planning Dates

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One user said, “I don’t want to be the only person planning dates. I want you to want to do things with me, even if they’re not my cup of tea – you enjoying them and wanting me to be there is enough to make it my cup of tea.”

Making The Effort

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Another said, “I can’t be the only person willing to make an effort, like always going to see them or always doing all the planning.”


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One said, “Please respect my TV and movie tastes. Don’t have to like the same shows/genres, but if I am watching something and you don’t like it or aren’t into it, maybe shut it? Do something else?”

Testing Boundaries

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One added, “Someone who runs tests on me to see where I stand in the relationship instead of communicating (ex. Not talking to me all day to see if ill notice or reach out)”

Giving Space

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One user said, “Silent treatment. I get needing a little bit of time and space to process, but when a reaction to a disagreement is the full-on silent treatment instead of mature communication, that’s a nope for me.”

A second user added, “I need a lot of space and independence. I have an unconventional relationship that allows this to work.”

Voicing Opinions

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“If you get a chance to say your opinion without me speaking, then I do too. That means I can speak without you talking over me, changing the subject, or not paying attention.”

Making Jokes

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“When someone says, “I was joking..” after saying something cruel. And blaming me for “being sensitive.” Any cruelty masked as humor is a no-go for me.”

A second added, “I do not like when people mock me when I make mistakes or drop things.”

Decision Making

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“Please do not make me make all of the decisions. I don’t know what I want to eat. I don’t care what we watch. Please make these decisions 50% of the time.”

Gift Giving

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One user said, “Thoughtful gifts. I don’t mean expensive materialistic things. Just things/experiences you remember me mentioning or being into.”

Travel and Vacations

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“Travel and vacation compatibility. I don’t want to take cruises or sit on a beach, getting drunk and sunburned. And someone who does want to take vacations like that would probably find me an insufferable travel partner in return.”

Public Mocking

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A user had this to say, “As much as we rib each other in private, we never do so publicly.”


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“Lies, even about small things, are a hard no for me.”

A second replied, “I need to have a lying boundary. You shouldn’t be lying about anything.” 

Owing Pets

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One responded, “I am a cat lady, get used to it or find the door.” 

Another said, “I have pets, and you have just tolerate them but also enjoy them.”


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“I care. Just because it isn’t important to you doesn’t mean it isn’t important to me (or vice versa).”

A second replied, “I ned someone who cares for me and about things. If you don’t have a passion for something, I’m out.” 


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This user added, “Please don’t talk to me for 15 minutes after I wake up, and please don’t ask me questions for 30 minutes.”

Another user said, “ I need open communication. If you are someone who “doesn’t talk” about issues/problems and just let’s it go. I’m out.” 


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“I consider it a red flag or an orange flag when I see that people are into gossip.”

Being Critical

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This user said, “Criticizing how I do things. You’re not my parent, my teacher, or my boss. I don’t give a f*** if your way is more efficient or effective.”

Another added, “Not dismissing my feelings. My SO used to say things like you can choose not to be upset.“

Following Through

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Someone had this to say, “Don’t say you’re going to do something if you’re not going to.”

Too Much or Too Little Talking

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One added, “Please put your phone down and enjoy this present moment with me.”

Another user added, “Texting all day. I hate feeling obligated to reply all day.”

Finally, “Or get mad when I don’t reply right away.” Source: Reddit

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