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Top 15 Horrendous Social Behaviors That Kill Attraction

One of the most unattractive things a person can do is exhibit a consistent lack of empathy and compassion toward others. When someone consistently disregards the feelings and needs of those around them, it not only showcases a lack of emotional intelligence but also reveals a deep self-centeredness. Another unattractive trait people have is consistently displaying arrogance and an inflated sense of superiority. When someone constantly belittles others, dismisses differing viewpoints, and seeks to dominate conversations, it reflects a deep insecurity masked by an overbearing demeanor.

Being Unkind

Angry Man with arms crossed
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One poster commented, “Going out of their way to be unkind, especially to people they view as beneath them and also being unkind to animals. That’s a deal breaker, 100%.”

Chewing With Your Mouth Open

Man chewing food with mouth open
Man chewing food with mouth open Photo Credit: Depositphotos Nomadsoul1

A second user shared, “Chewing with their mouth open. Gross! An old roommate of mine in college would chew with his mouth open, and I couldn’t stand eating with him or getting with him and friends because they’d look at him like an animal.”


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A third user posted, “People who fart whenever they want and where ever they are. Like excuse yourself and go somewhere else.”


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A top-liked comment said, “Complaining. About the same subject repeatedly without trying to improve their situation.”

Not Taking Responsibility

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One person commented, “Be completely unable to take responsibility for their actions, and even when they appear to be doing so, clearly has no plans to do better in the future. Usually involves gaslighting and manipulation.”

Political Personality

Man in suit being asked questions
Man in suit being asked questions Photo Credit: Depositphotos PicsFive

This user recalled, “People who make their political affiliation their entire personality. I get that politics are a hot topic, but every conversation doesn’t need to be political.”

Projecting Trauma

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A poster stated, “ People who project their traumas onto me as if I’m the one that left blood on the walls of her old house.”

Putting Others Down

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One user mentioned, “If I’m excited about something and they put me down for it or act annoyed. Not everyone likes the same things, and you should never put someone down because they like something different you find to be boring or not exciting.”

Finding Humor In The Pain Of Others

One Sister pointing and laughing at another holding a plant looking sad
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A commenter divulged, “If you find humor in the pain of people who are already in a difficult place, it’s pretty clear that you don’t have much empathy in your heart. For me, empathy is one of the most attractive qualities. If they can’t empathize, how can you possibly expect to have an equal relationship with them?”

Being Materialistic

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This user shared, “Being overly materialistic. It’s great that people can afford things, but showing off or belittling people because they don’t have what you have shows me you have a bad personality and only care about money.”

Laughing At Disabilities

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One poster stated, “Laughing about being disabled. I never really found it funny. I don’t find the humor is seeing someone struggling, flailing their arms, or even making loud noises in public humorous.”

Lying & Manipulating

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A top-liked comment said, “Liars and manipulators if you fall into either or both of those categories.…deal breaker. I want nothing to do with people like that in friendships or romantic relationships.”


Vacillating Personalities couple sitting upset on the couch
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A person stated, “People who ONLY talk about themselves and will go into the most minute details about their stories and only tolerate you opening your mouth if it’s to contribute to their stories. If you share some nuggets about yourself, they immediately spin it onto their own stories and totally dismiss you.”

Making Others Day Worse

Woman shrugging looking sad with arms crossed
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One user mentioned, “Believing there’s humor in making peoples’ day worse. There’s nothing so unattractive as comedy, that is, ‘Let’s do something annoying to someone else because we find it funny.’ ESPECIALLY to get views.”


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A poster commented, “Smoking. I don’t care how physically attractive you are. The second I see you smoking, you become infinitely unattrative to me.”

The Need To Be In Control

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Finally, this person shared, “Bragging about being “blunt” or that they “tell it like it is.” This is usually code for being insecure and trash talks or really overdoes the “mean girl” schtick. Doesn’t actually care if what they’re saying is accurate so long as it’s mean because it makes them feel like they’re in control or something. Source: Reddit

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