Numerology Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 1!


In numerology, your soul urge number tells you a lot about what your heart desires most. It reveals secrets about your innermost desires and ideals and can help you uncover things that make you tick. Knowing what your urge number means will help you learn a lot more about yourself. In this article, we will take a closer look at what it means then you have a soul urge number 1.

What is sour urge number 1?

Soul urge number one is all about independence and being at the top. When you have soul urge number 1 you are a leader, not a follower. People with this soul urge number have a strong desire to be at the top in whatever they do, be it in a romantic relationship, career, or friendship.

People with soul number 1 and go-getters and always work hard to achieve their goals. They believe in the process and always strive to climb up the ladder, they are never comfortable with mid-level positions and always go for the top seat.

They have a deep desire to push hard until they reach the top. If you have this soul urge number, you will always want to be the best in what you do. You will never settle for the second position and will do all you can to ensure you ascend to the top.

People with this soul urge number strive for perfectionism and cannot afford to themselves or others down. They believe that they are important and destined to be leaders. They have a deep desire to make a difference in their community. Following is not in their nature and have a strong need for independence.

Other people also see number 1s as leaders and always look up to them, especially in matters concerning leadership. They are highly intelligent people and you always come up with solutions to problems that affect them or others around them.

Their commitment and enthusiasms are infectious and it is easy for those who follow them to quickly subscribe to their beliefs. They treat everything with the seriousness that it deserves and that is why you always outshine others.

People with soul urge number 1 are result-oriented. They believe that nothing comes easy and always work hard to achieve their goals. They are committed to what they do and never give up regardless of the challenges that they face.

People with soul urge number 1 always live on their own terms because they know what they want. They are bold and always make decisions that are others shy away from. Other people envy them for their blondness and determination. People trust their judgment and that is why they always come to them when they need help. You are honest and reliable to your family and colleagues at work and they love you for that.


Soul urge number 1 and personality 

People with soul urge number one have a very strong personality. Their charisma command respect from other people around them. They believe they were natural-born leaders and their personality makes it easy to make other people follow their beliefs. Number 1s never shy away from trying new things and are very good at adapting to new things no matter how challenging it may seem. They always seize any opportunity that they think will benefit them. They also have incredible ability to make the right decision in split seconds.

Number 1s don’t believe in procrastination and don’t like wasting time. They always get the job done as soon as the opportunity presents itself. People with soul urge number one have a strong personality that commands respect from others.

However, the strong personality of people with soul urge number one can sometimes make them belittle other people. Because they believe they were born to be leaders, they sometimes ignore other people’s opinions and value what they believe is right. Most of them don’t like owning up for their mistakes. People with soul urge numbers also don’t take it well when they mess up because they are a perfectionist. If you have this soul urge number, you need to know that nobody is perfect, and messing up is sometimes part of life.

Soul urge number 1 and relationships

When it comes to friendship people with soul urge number one are loyal and loving friends. They value their friendships and always do all their can to maintain a good and healthy relationship. They are also family people and are committed to their families.

In terms of a romantic relationship, people with soul urge number 1 are love and care to their partner. They are also loyal and committed to only one partner. They are also very understanding and supportive. They love showering their partner with gifts, mainly because of their impulsive behavior.

However, their dominant nature can make their partner feel that their opinion is not valued. They also don’t like to be corrected and this may lead them to trouble, especially if they do something that their spouse doesn’t like. If you have this soul urge number, you need to be very sensitive with your partner and give him/her a chance to be heard. Show your partner that you value their opinion as opposed to ignoring them.


Soul urge number 1 and career

People with soul urge number 1 thrive in positions of leadership and authority. They can work in any field provided it is top position. They don’t like taking instructions from other people, and this often makes them clash with their bosses.

What it means if you have soul urge number 1

  • You are very creative

When you align with soul urge number 1, it means you have an endless pool of creativity within you. You see things that other people don’t. You are also able to come up with concepts that amaze those around you. Your creativity and innovation are what are making you climb to the top quickly.

  • You are a leader

If you have this soul urge number, you are a leader, not a flower. You believe you were meant to be a leader and have song leadership abilities. You know how to mobilize people and make things done. You are also good at solving conflicts, and as a result, people always come to you when they need help. Your personality commands the respect of people around you and at work, and they naturally look up to you for leadership. Whenever something arises, everybody looks up to you to step up and provide leadership. You can make a plan and stick with it.

  • You have a strong personality

People who align with his soul urge number have a very strong personalities. They believe in themselves and their abilities. Their charisma makes them strong leaders who command respect from others around them. When people are around you, they feel they are in safe hands because of your strong leadership. You know how to bring law and order, and people always trust your judgment. However, your strong personality can also be intimidating to others. Some people may fear you because of the strong authority that you command. You don’t shy away from responsibilities, instead, you embrace them.

  • You are rigid

People who have a soul urge number 1 tend to be rigid at times. They think that what they believe in is right and other people’s opinions don’t matter. They sometimes force people to believe in their doctrine, which can sometimes lead to resistance.

  • You are hard-working

If you have soul urge number 1, then know that you are a hardworking person. You believe in hard work and always thrive to achieve your goals and desires. You trust the process as opposed to overnight success. Your success is attributed to your determination and hard work. Some people may think that your success is due to luck, but you know the effort you have put in to get to where you are.

  • You are a thoughtful person

The reason why you command respect from others around you is that you are a very thoughtful person. People always look up to you for leadership because you always come up with good solutions.

  • You are highly intelligent

Number 1s are highly intelligent. That is why they don’t get excited about everything. You love reading and searching to gain knowledge. You also love sharing knowledge and help other people the best way you can.

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