Numerology Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 5!

Soul urge number is one of the five crucial numbers in your numerical chart that reveals your inner thoughts and desires. If you want to know things that are going on inside your soul that you are not aware of, then you need to know your soul urge number. This number will help you understand the circumstances of your origin and bring clarity about your true life purpose.

Learning more about your soul urge number will help you discover new important things about yourself that may shape the direction of your life. Soul urge number is determining by calculating the vowels of your full birth name, which is highly significant in numerology. Unlike consonants, vowels reveal the spiritual forces that move through you.

So, have you found out that your soul urge number is 5 and want to know what it means? If yes, then this guide is right for you. Below is a detailed explanation of soul urge number 5.

What is soul urge number 5?

If you align with soul urge number, it means you desire the freedom to express yourself, travel to new places, have new experiences, and meet new people. This soul urge number is all about exploration, change, and taking risks. People who have number 5 in their numerology reading are vibrant, enthusiastic, brave, and open-minded. They have abundant energy and thrive in taking risks.

Other people like being around individuals with soul urge number 5 because they are never boring. They are energetic, passionate, and go-getters, meaning they always pursue what they think is good for them. They are also very adventurous and always desire to travel and explore the world. They desire to do whatever they want, whenever they want and that is why they desire freedom.

If you have this soul urge number, your soul urging you to find freedom, sometimes even in circumstances that are not realistic or may harm your life. Your desire for freedom and restlessness may make your life feel like a roller coaster.

People with this soul urge number tend to move from one project to another and are never interested in completing any project that they start. This is because they find the process more interesting than the end results.

People who align this soul urge number love coming up with new challenges and ideas. This trait also excites people around them and views them as leaders, even though they don’t view themselves as one. Their never-ending search for freedom is what defines them.  

Soul urge number 5 and social life

People with soul urge number 5 are extroverts, meaning they are sociable, talkative, friendly, action-oriented, outgoing, and enthusiastic. They are very quick to make friends but also hard to keep them. They love meeting new people but they quickly get bored hanging out with them. People with this soul urge number are simply not good at building long-lasting friendships.

Number 5 are also unpredictable and they sometimes do weird things that annoy their friends. That is why they are not good at keeping friends. They don’t like admitting to their mistakes and often feel betrayed by friends who call them out for their bad behavior.

People with this soul urge number love being around people and often cannot stand being alone. However, they are don’t feel lonely because of their great ability to make new friends. Their friendly nature also makes them approachable and easy to trust.

People with this soul urge number are usually the most important persons in their circle and their friends admire and look up to them. Their friends usually compete to get their attention and usually get jealous when they spend more time with others, which often leads to breakups.

Soul urge number 5 and career

People with soul number 5 like careers that don’t limit them in a certain place. They like careers that allow them to travel and meet new people. As such, they thrive in travel careers such as journalism, hospitality, and any position in a business that allows them to travel.

Their ability to interact and manage other people also makes them great entrepreneurs. They don’t like 9-5 jobs because it denies them the much-needed freedom. For this reason, entrepreneurship and self-employment are what works for them.

 Soul urge number 5 and relationships

People with soul urge number 5 are not good at establishing and keeping relationships. This is because of the spontaneous personality that makes them unpredictable. This means it is difficult for them to establish a long-lasting relationship with their romantic partners.

When dating, their aim is not to establish a long-lasting relationship. Instead, they only want to have fun and never hesitate to move on to the next relationship when the spark is over. Their romantic partners have to work hard to impress them, which is usually a big turnoff. It is difficult for them to find a romantic partner who understands and trusts them.

Their ability to attract new people in their life make it easy for them to move on when they have problems in their relationship as opposed to fixing them. They are mostly compatible with partners who are willing to give them the freedom to do things as they want. This makes it difficult for them to find a long-term romantic partner.

What it means when you have soul urge number 5

  • You love fun and exciting things

If you have this soul urge number, then you love doing things that are fun and exciting. You don’t love things that have a set routine. Instead, you love being flexible and doing fun and energetic things that make you and your friends happy. You are always on the look for adventure.

  • You are adaptable

When you align with this soul urge number, you can adapt to almost anything. Unlike other people who struggle to adapt to a new environment, you are never afraid of change and always look up to them. People with this soul urge number love routine and are always ready for any challenge.

  • You love freedom

If you have this soul urge number, then freedom is important more than anything else. You love doing things the way you want without being question. You also love a romantic partner who aligns with your freedom and is willing to allow you to live yourself without questioning your lifestyle. You also thrive in a career that gives you the freedom to do things the way you want.

  • You are friendly and approachable

People with soul urge number 5 are friendly and approachable. They love being around people and have a way to make people happy. When you align with this number, making friends will not be a problem. In fact, friends will fight for your attention because of your great charisma.

  • You are quite unpredictable

Although people with soul number 5 are friendly and approachable, they are also unpredictable. That is why they find it hard to keep friends and romantic partners for a long time. When establishing a friendship, your main aim is to have fun at the moment as opposed to establishing a long-term relationship. Your relationship with others depended on whey they excite you. When the spark that used to excite your ends, you end the relationship immediately and move on.

  • You love new challenges

As a person who loves exploring new things, you are always look up to things that challenge you. New challenges always excite you because they make your mind think critically. You are very good at coming up with solutions and that is why friends admire you and see you as a leader. You believe that there is no challenge that you cannot overcome and that is why you don’t like being tied down to a single place or doing the same thing over and over.  


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