Numerology Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 6!

Do you want to understand the innermost purpose of your life? If yes, then you need to know your soul urge number. In numerology, soul urge number, also known as heart’s desire number is what your heart and soul desires more than anything else in the world. It reveals your inner motivation, hopes, wishes, and dreams that help you make decisions that shape the direction of your life. Soul urge number is calculated by adding the vowel in a name.

Unlike the lifepath number shows your life direction, the soul urge number shows your destiny and life journey. It describes your heart and soul desires and the things that motivate you. If you want to uncover your mission and purpose in life, you need to know your soul urge number. So, have you discovered that your soul urge number is 6 and want to know what it means? If yes, then you have clicked on the right page. In this article, we will discuss soul number 6 in detail to help you know what it means if it vibrates in your life.

What is soul urge number 6?

Soul urge number 6 means commitment to provide long service, and taking care of the environment. Soul number 6 indicates that you have a deep desire to serve and nature your loved ones and community. It means that you are a creator of balance and harmony.

People with soul number 6 get immense satisfaction by taking care of others around them and restoring harmony in their environments. This soul number is all about harmony, protection, and generosity. Number 6 is considered the most balanced and harmonious number of all the single numbers. If you align yourself with this soul urge number, it means that you are caring, protective, and compassionate to others.

If soul number 6 vibrates in you, then you will always find yourself wanting to help others and make a difference in their lives. People with this soul number are always willing to take responsibility when need be and thus make excellent family members, spouses, and friends. They value truth and peace and are often full of good advice, which makes them a good counselor. If someone is in need, then a person with soul urge number 6 will not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

However, soul number 6 also comes with its own set of challenges. First, because people with soul number 6 tend to be compassionate, loving, and generous, some people usually take advantage of their kindness to manipulate them for their own selfish needs. Secondly, people with this soul urge number often take care of others to a point where they neglect their own needs.

Soul urge number 6 and love and relationship

Individuals with soul urge number 6 are caring, loving, and kind. They often lose sight of their own needs and desires because of the deep desire to help others. However, this often leads them to trouble. Their trusting and caring nature sometimes blinds them to trusting people with wrong intentions.

People with soul number 6 are loving, caring, and very loyal to their partners. In fact, they spend most of their energy caring and showing love to their partner. As such, individuals with soul urge number 6 make good partners in a relationship. In most cases, they often establish a loving, happy, and long-lasting relationship with their partners.  

People with soul urge number 6 understand the concept of unconditional love and often establish a deep connection with their soul mates. This enables them to establish and maintain a healthy relationship that is free of mistrust and infidelity. They are always loyal to their romantic partners.

They also establish a close relationship with their friends, colleagues, and families. They don’t like losing friends and often do all they can to ensure they keep their friendships intact. When they end relationships with someone because of mistrust or any other thing, they often feel sad because they thrive on building strong and healthy relationships with others.

Soul number 6 and career 

In terms of work and career, people with soul urge number 6 thrive in professions such as childcare, nursing, healthcare, teaching among other similar careers because they love serving others. People with soul urge number 6 are also committed to their work. They devote their energy and effort to ensure they give the best in their work. They are also not selfish and like to give other people the opportunity to grow their careers.

Soul urge number 6 and character

People with soul number 6 are honest and have a deep desire to do good in the world. They understand the needs of humanity and are always full of sympathy for people. They sometimes go to great lengths to deny themselves things to ensure that others around them are okay. They are faithful to those they love and cherish and always adhere to family traditions and norms. People with soul number 6 are also willing to do anything for their families.

They are also firm in their ideas and always work hard to ensure they achieve their goals. They are always sincere and cannot stand people who lie. They always fight for other people’s rights because they believe that everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect.

Soul urge number and social life

People with soul urge number 6 are often regarded as great and reliable because they love to care for those around them. Other people will confide in you, and you will be the first person they will come to when they need someone to help or cheer them up. People with this soul urge number have great social skills and like interacting with other people. They love to comfort those in pain and always do all they can to help those in need. Their loved ones will value and cherish them because they always listen and sympathize with them.

What soul urge number 6 says about you

  • You are a great romantic partner

If you have soul urge number 6 then know that you are a great romantic partner. Your partner will always feel lucky to have you because of your unwavering love and care. You will establish a deep connection with your partner and always give him/her the love, care, and attention he/she needs. People with soul number 6 don’t have problems finding a romantic partner because their character traits make them very attractive.

  • You are very creative

People with soul urge number 6 are always very creative. They love coming up in new things makes a difference in other people’s life. They also love the creative industry like art and music because it allows them to be creative. So, if you have this soul urge number, then know that you are a creative person, and it is time to unlock that gift.

  • You are compassionate

If you have soul urge number 6, then know that you are a very compassionate person. You are deeply concerned about other people and always do all you can to provide help to those in need. You always put yourself in other people’s positions and this enables you to develop a feeling of compassion towards others.

  • You give great advice to friends and family

People with soul number 6 often give honest and unbiased advice to their friends, colleagues, and family members. They care about their loved ones and want the best for them. Because of this, they usually give great advice on various situations. Your friends and family will always confide in you because they know you have their best interest at heart and you will give them the best advice.

  • You love serving others

Individuals with soul urge number 6 love serving others. That is why they thrive in careers that involve serving others, such as nursing, child care teaching, among many others. Your calling is to serve others and make a difference in their lives.

How to improve your life if you have soul number 6 

If you have this soul urge number, the only way to improve your life is to accept the fact that you cannot help everyone. You also need to know that not every person who comes to your life is genuine. Some take advantage of your kindness to extort and manipulate you. If someone needs help, but you are not in a position to help them, tell them respectfully that you cannot help.

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