Numerology Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 7!

Soul urge number is numerology helps to reveal your true self. It reveals your deeper, innermost drive that you are not aware of. So if you want to find out who you are, what drives you, and why, then you need to know your soul urge number. Also, if you have been behaving in a certain way and you are wondering why the answer lies in your soul urge number. In this article, we will discuss in-depth soul urge number 7 to help you know what it means and its significance if you find out that this number vibrates in your life.

What is soul urge number 7?

If your soul urge number is 7, then it means that you are a person who likes to seek the truth. You don’t just make a conclusion based on rumors or opinions, instead, you always go out of your way to seek facts before you make any conclusion.

This soul urge number also means that you are a highly spiritual person and also interested in uncovering your inners self. You are willing to do what you can to know your personality, abilities, and the innermost desires that drive you. You also believe that you possess more traits than what people around you know of think of and you want to find them out.

You are also interested in exploring the world around you to know more about people and their beliefs and also understand the environment around you. You believe that the universe has many questions and you are willing to go all the way to find answers. You are also aware that you will probably not get all the answers you are looking for but that does not kill your spirit. You are still determined to know more about your life and the surrounding environment.

If you have soul urge number 7, then you are a perfectionist and incredible researcher with an innate ability to utilize your inner wisdom, especially when making crucial decisions that impact your life. Sometimes your feel that you are in a different world and frequently ask yourself why you are here on earth. This is because your thoughts and the answers you seek are detached from the reality of this world.

This soul urge number also indicates that you are a person that people never truly understand because you are still trying to figure out more about yourself. However, your mind is very active and constantly processes the data received to know more about yourself.

Soul urge number 7 and relationship

If your soul urge number is 7, then your ability to establishing a happy, loving, and long-lasting relationship depends on the ability of your partner to understand you. In most cases, you will find it difficult to establish emotional intimacy with your partner because that is not your thing. You prefer to stay alone and have some quality alone time. You don’t like a partner who is too needy, yet the partners that you attract always want to be close to you and demand your attention.

People with soul urge number 7 get bored quickly and are attracted to partners who stimulate their brains. This means that if your partner is not on your wavelength, you are will quickly get bored. The soul urge number of each of your partners will teach you something about yourself.

You also don’t trust people easily and any person who wants to get to your inner circle must put a lot of effort to earn your trust. Also, if someone ever betrays your trust, it will take a lot of effort to win it back. You also don’t trust other people easily because you know that people are very manipulative. You know that people can put on a fake smile to get something for you. Because of this, you always find comfort in your own company. You would rather stay alone than have fake people around you.

Soul urge number 7 and career

If your soul urge number is 7, you will only find fulfillment in your career if it is in alignment with your inner desires. Because of your nature to always find the truth, you will fit well in careers related to research, fact-finding, research, IT, web design, computer programing, science, engineering, and data analyst.

Your desire to research and gather as much information as you can mean that prefer working on your own as opposed to working with others. The preference to work alone also has a lot to do with your inability to trust other people easily. Therefore, you believe that you are likely to be more successful when you work alone and unsupervised as opposed to working with others. You prefer working as a freelance because this gives you the freedom to do things the ways you want and in your own space.

Because you like to gather knowledge and learn as much as possible, people will always come to you for advice because of your vast knowledge.

Soul urge number 7 and life challenges

If you have soul urge number 7, then you have to navigate through various life challenges. Perfectionism and obsessive and compulsive behavior can be a huge challenge for you because you are highly idealistic. You will struggle with the fact that you always want to intellectualize everything, including things that don’t need so much thought. You will struggle to let some things go because you love getting into the root of everything.

Your attention to detail and perfectionism mean that you will always take a lot of time to complete a certain task. Although doing thorough work can be rewarding, it is also tiresome and time-consuming. Sometimes you may not be able to meet tight deadlines because you are too slow in completing your tasks.

You may find yourself withdrawing from other people because you are so concerned with protecting yourself and your great ideas. This will make people around you see you are selfish and self-centered. To avoid this, it is crucial to always try to understand people around you and come to their level. Although not every person is genuine, you need to give them a chance because you can lock out very good people who can have a positive impact on your life just because you doubt people’s loyalty.

What it means if you have soul urge number 7

If you have this soul urge number it means that your self-motivated and independent person. It also means that you are in this life to find answers to meaningful questions, thanks to your sharp and analytical mind that can analyze and process information quickly.

This soul urge number also indicates that you are on the right path of self-development. You are also not religious but very spiritual. People with this soul urge number not the type of people who take any advice that comes their way. Everything that you believe must be based on research and good reasoning.

If you have this soul urge number, then know that you have many unique talents. One of those many talents is probing deeply into issues and asking meaningful questions that others may bother to ask. As a result, you will perform incredibly well if you follow your career path.

If you have this soul urge number, then you are the type of person who always seeks to gain more knowledge and wisdom. But just like any other soul urge number, you also struggle to reach your full potential. Also since your intellectual abilities are so developed, you always struggle to get in touch with your feelings and this also affects how you relate with your partner and other people around you. You also have challenges trusting other people and prefer to do things independently.

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