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Ice Breakers: Crucial Questions to Ask Before Dating Someone

Starting a conversation with someone new can be tough. We’ve all been there – you’re standing face to face with a stranger, racking your brain for something interesting to say. Fear not, because we’ve got you covered! “What is a good question to ask before you start talking to someone?” From icebreakers to conversation starters, we’ve got 20 categories of questions that are sure to spark some interesting dialogue. 

Hobbies and Interests

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To start, a Redditor said, “What are your hobbies? If they don’t really have any, you may be the next hobby, which isn’t going to work unless you’ve got that kind of time.”

Travel and Adventure

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A user commented, “How early do you like to get to the airport?”

A second user added, “What’s your driving record/insurance costs?” should filter out many potential problems.”

Living Situation

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A most-liked comment read, “Are you still living at your parent’s house!?”

Past Relationships

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A user responded, “Are you friends with any of your exes?”

Music and Concerts

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One Redditor replied, “Do you like AC DC and Jimi Hendrix?”

A second Redditor added, “What kind of music do you like?’

Family and Childhood

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A popular comment was, “How’s your relationship with your parents? This speaks volumes about many people.”

A second one was, “What chores did you do as a kid? I love my wife, but some times she makes doing household chores seem like she is climbing Everest.”

Future Goals and Aspirations

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One Redditor replied, “I highly encourage you to ask someone you are getting to know what they are excited about in the next few weeks or month.”

A second Redditor wrote, “What motivates you?”

Criminal Record

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One comment was, “Do you pass a police background check.”

A second comment was, “Had a girl straight-up ask me if I was a serial killer. We’ve been together for almost 5 years now. I’m not sure what that says about either one of us.’


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A user wrote, “Do they have any pets? You can tell a lot about someone from how they treat and care for their pets, most of the time.”

A second user added, “Do you like dogs? (A “no” tells me everything I need to know vis a vis a long-term relationship.).”

Education and Career

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One funny comment was, “Are you on OnlyFans?”

A second comment was, “Do you have a full time job?

Art and Creativity

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A Redditor replied, “When was the last time you changed your mind about something? Opens a window to how they think.”


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A user commented, “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist party?”

Family and Relationships

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One very simple question was, “Are you married?”

A second important question was, “Do you want kids in the future? If one person wants kids and the other wants to stay childfree, then they are not compatible. And it is better to try dating someone else.”

Personal Beliefs and Values

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A user commented, “What are you looking for in a relationship?”

A second user added, “What is your love language, or how do you like to show affection?


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One Redditor wrote, “Are you jealous or possessive? Seriously, people who are, it is better not to give them time to enter your life.”


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A smart question was, “So, how much personal debt do you have? Source: a guy who dated a woman with huge debts and was asked to pay for everything and then some.”

A user added, “Are you going to be financially dependent on me?” I wish I’d known that with literally all of my relationships after I turned 18.”

Health and Wellness

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A user commented, “What do they do to handle stress? (genuinely)”

Another user added, “What kind of psychiatric medications are you on?”

Environment and Sustainability

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One Redditor wrote, “What temperature do you set the thermostat to throughout the year?”

Spirituality and Religion

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A popular comment was, “​​Are you religious? How religious? I’m agnostic. I could date a Christian, but after decades in a very high-demand religion, I couldn’t be involved with anyone who was devoted to religion.”

Life Lessons and Wisdom

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Finally, a Redditor wrote, “Honestly, this one: What is a good question to ask before you start dating someone?” See what the other person asks or how they respond to that. That would illuminate so much more than any other singular question you could ask.”

There you have it, folks! Redditors sure knew what questions you should be asking your date before getting to know them too well.

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