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When Asked If They’d Take Their Ex Back, Most Said No. Here’s Why and Why a Few Said Yes

What does it say that most would never take their ex back? Maybe we know better for ourselves than we give each other credit for. What would it take for you to take your ex back?

Taking back an ex is a decision that requires careful consideration and introspection. It signifies a willingness to revisit past heartbreak, mend broken trust, and rebuild what was once lost. It may be driven by a deep-rooted belief that the love shared is worth fighting for or a desire to give the relationship a second chance.

Moved On

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One user said, “No, I’ve moved on with the most amazing person ever. My most recent ex or any other ex doesn’t hold a candle to my new partner.”

Hell No

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A second user added, “Hell no. The more that time passes, the more I see all the toxicity and red flags clearly.”

Chose My Kids

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A third user shared, “Nope. I chose my kids and their well-being. I spent too long showing them what a terrible relationship looks like and a sad parent. They prefer me how I am now and I won’t risk their happiness for a man who will never treat me or them right.”

Never Look Back

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This commenter said, “Hell no. I never look back. Already gave him a second chance to fix it, and he couldn’t. He remained on repeat, refused to communicate properly, and the lies and cheating continued.”

A Cheater

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A top-liked comment said, “No, he cheated on me when I pushed out his baby. Literally, while I was in labor, he was at home cheating on me. All set here.”

An Acquaintance

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A poster commented, No, I just don’t like him in that way anymore. He feels more like a friend or at this point, an acquaintance.”

Dead In The Water

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Someone added, “Absolutely not. We went back after it was dead in the water, and guess what? The same old bullsh*t was there. Meanwhile, the actual love of my life could only watch as it spiraled down to Dante’s inferno. Never crawl back.”

A Fallback

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This person stated, “No – That “lemme cheat with other people and come back to you as a fallback” is dehumanizing.”

That Cheating Thing

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This commenter shared, “No. She willfully cheated on me and, years later, weighs as much as a Harley Davidson. She’s just not attractive to me anymore, and, you know, the whole cheating thing….”

Chose Herself

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A user said, “Yes, I would take her back because she is worth everything to me, and I don’t have feelings for anyone else despite whatever she may think. She chose herself, which is great and all, but even those actions have consequences, and I think she made a big mistake. I know who I am and what I bring to the table.”

If Their Heart Was In It

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A top-liked comment said, “I think I wouldn’t immediately take them back, but I think I would give them another opportunity if I believed their heart was in the right place and they genuinely regretted dumping me.”

Rather Sit On A Hot Stove

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This commenter posted, “Absolutely not. We broke up 5 months ago and went no contact 3 months ago. I love my life now, and I would rather sit on a hot stove than take him back.”

He’d Have To Change

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Someone added, “If you had asked me this last week, I wouldn’t have hesitated and said yes, but now I’m slowly learning that how he treated me and continues to treat me is not someone who cares about me, and I don’t want people like that. He would have had to change a WHOLE heap for me even to consider a reconciliation. He has broken me, I need time to heal and come back stronger!”

Never Faithful

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This user commented, “As much as I still love him, I wouldn’t. He doesn’t know how to be honest. He will never be faithful to anyone. I would have spent my life stressed and worried about the next embarrassment (teenagers, a married woman, and his prostitute ex-girlfriend were all features of our relationship).

The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

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Finally, a user shared, “My heart wants him so bad, but the fear of getting blindsided again would make the relationship impossible.”

Source: Reddit

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