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Fans Speculate that Taylor Swift Predicted Her Split from Joe Alwyn in Recent Music Video

Earlier this month, news leaked that Taylor Swift had split from her boyfriend Joe Alwyn after six years together. Although neither Swift nor Alwyn have personally confirmed the news, it seems like the real deal with the news leaking via several well-respected outlets. 

In the immediate aftermath of the breakup, fans are now starting to look back on recent Taylor Swift songs and videos to see if the hitmaker had hinted at the breakup at any point. 

The “Anti-Hero” singer has been known to include easter eggs about her personal life in songs and music videos over the years, and fans believe they have spotted something in the music video for “Lavender Haze.”

In the video, at the 48-second mark, Taylor drops a match onto the floor which fans are saying is symbolic of something in her life “blowing up” – ie her relationship. While many people would say that this theory is a stretch, the most compelling argument relates to the timestamp. 

Taking to social media, one Swiftie explained the theory by tweeting the following:

“At 00:48 seconds in the Lavender Haze music video, Taylor Swift strikes a match. She burnt it all on 4/8. She gave us an Easter egg for the date of her own breakup.”

Fan support

The tweet blew up and attracted over 2500 likes and 1100 retweets. Many other Taylor Swift fans jumped on the theory and offered their thoughts on the potential easter egg. 

One user replied saying, “I wonder what else we’ve missed,” while another was slightly more dramatic, saying that she was screaming into her pillow after reading the original tweet. Others were tamer with their responses simply saying that the discovery was “insane.”

The reason why so many Swifties are getting on board with the theory could be due to what the song in question is about. In the hit, Swift sings about a “lavender haze” which is a phrase that was commonly used in the 1950s by people who were deeply in love during the honeymoon phase. It is believed that the song was written about her own experience with Joe when they first got together. 

Talking about the song after she released it, Swift said: “I guess, theoretically, when you’re in the lavender haze, you’ll do anything to stay there and not let people bring you down off of that cloud.”

Another potential easter egg

The Lavender Haze theory isn’t the only one that has been doing been doing the rounds on social media in relation to Taylor Swift’s break up with her long-term boyfriend. 

One of the most popular theories relates to the song “Champagne Problems” which is featured on Swift’s latest album. The song is about a woman who breaks up with her partner because she doesn’t want to marry him. 

“Champagne problems” was penned alongside Joe Alwyn but it isn’t typically part of her set list on tour. However, last week, she made a last-minute change and decided to sing the track during a concert on her “Eras Tour.” 

Fans now believe that the song is directly about Swifts and Alwyn’s relationship and believe that the reason for their breakup could be to do with a failed marriage proposal. 

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