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That “Icky” Feeling: Men Divulge The Things Women Do That Make Their Stomach Turn

There are various behaviors and characteristics that some men find unappealing or off-putting in women. One common turn-off is playing mind games or being manipulative, as these behaviors can create a sense of mistrust and emotional instability. Another example would be women who engage in attention-seeking behaviors that appear overly dramatic or exaggerated. While some men may play right into these behaviors, others have solidly said they will not put up with someone who engages in these types of behaviors.

Split Personality

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One poster said, “When you’re with friends, they become distinctly less pleasant to you than when you’re alone, like making fun of you and making jokes at your expense which they normally would not make. Have had it in more than one relationship. Like… what is that about?”

Differing Perceptions

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A second poster added, “Over-the-top solipsism. That whole “I don’t perceive it that way. Therefore, perceiving it that way cannot be a valid mindset.”

Constant Ex Talk

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A third poster shared, “Mentioning their ex constantly. My ex-wife would do this, but it was like she was obsessed with him. There’s a difference between talking about the past and actually being obsessed with that man. She was a narcissist, though, so he wanted me to hate her like he did. Didn’t work.”


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A commenter said, “Loudly empathizing with every cause and group on the planet but treating people in their personal lives like trash.”

Taking Accountability

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Someone stated, “I think not taking accountability is the biggest one. You’ve messed up/were rude/incorrect/whatever, but doubling down and never apologizing or admitting fault is so unattractive. Just own it and apologize like a grown-up.”

Overly Critical

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A top-liked comment said, “Denigrating and emasculating men who show emotions. It’s one of the most messed up things anyone can do to another person.”

Children As Pawns

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A user shared, “Using a man’s kids as pawns in disputes, like cutting off visitation because you’re mad at him. Don’t f****king do that. It’s just cruel to the kids.”

Berating Children

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A poster commented, “One time, an ex of mine screamed at her 2-year-old nephew. Instantly unattractive. I get that children can be burdensome sometimes, but no child deserves to be screamed at.”

Confident Or Inconsiderate

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This user said, “Confusing confidence with being inconsiderate. It’s fine to be confident, I can even deal with overconfidence if they’re good at something, but being inconsiderate is not something I can tolerate.”

Cute Toxicity

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One user added, “When they think a toxic trait of theirs is cute/quirky. There’s a big difference between being blunt respectfully and being a b****tch.”

Don’t Handle At All

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Someone shared, “The classic Tinder bio: “If you can’t handle me at my most insane/unhinged, then you don’t deserve me at my best. Just screams that they have a childish sense of entitlement and take zero accountability for their actions. That is a giant red flag for me.”


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This person commented, “The constant testing. I appreciate that you have been in previous relationships where someone lied and/or cheated on you but don’t spend your entire single life trying to catch me in some lie so you can have your self-fulfilling prophecy that all men are liars.”


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A commenter recalled, “Lie about how they feel. My ex did this. Whenever I’d ask her how she was, I’d get “I’m ok” even when she clearly wasn’t. I’d have to drag anything except “I’m ok” out of her. It was exhausting.”

The Silent Treatment

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A user said, “The silent treatment, I’ve hated it for the longest time, when you do something wrong, and you try to apologize, and they say nothing is even worse, just hurtful.”


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This poster shared, “I saw a cute girl on a treadmill at the gym sneeze four times and not attempt to cover her mouth once. Absolutely disgusted me.”

Hair In The Drain

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Someone added, “Cleaning my wife’s hair out of the drains grosses me out to the point where I gag. I don’t know why. I had no problem with other gross things. I can even clean up my dog’s vomit without gagging.”

Casual Hate

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One user divulged, “Casual hate, just chill. Why are you so upset about everything? Like, let it go. If it’s not harming you, who cares.”

Fake Eyelashes

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This person shared, “Hilariously fake eyelashes. My friend has these and thinks she looks horrible without them.  Like with normal, natural lashes. That everyone else has. It’s almost like some kind of dysmorphia. I don’t have the heart to tell her she looks ridiculous.”

Phone Distractions

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A poster commented, “Letting their phone be a distraction from being present. I’ve been in full-blown serious conversations with exes where they completely disappear into their phone mid-convo. I don’t want to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t want to have a conversation. Just leave it alone.”

Baby Talk

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Finally, a poster shared, “Using baby talk/voice. I get it if you’re talking to a baby or an animal, but all the time, no thanks!”

Source: Reddit

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