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The 15 Best Reasons To Stay Single

There are a number of reasons why people choose to remain single in today’s society. Firstly, some people prioritize their personal independence and freedom, valuing the ability to make decisions without the constraints of a committed relationship. Secondly, past negative experiences in relationships might lead some to prefer the contentment and peace that comes with being single. Lastly, societal changes and shifting norms have led to greater acceptance of singlehood, encouraging individuals to embrace their solo lifestyles rather than feeling pressured to conform to traditional relationship ideals.

My Time Is Important

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One commenter said, “Time is one of the only things you can’t get back. Money, relationships, stuff- not time. My time is extremely precious to me.”

Baggage & Trauma

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A second commenter added, “So many people bring a lot of baggage and trauma into relationships that they expect their partner to carry. I’ve been the person who has dated broken people who expected me to fix them or baby them. It’s not fair to anyone in that regard. So I’m choosing to be single.”

Not Having To Explain Myself

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A third commenter posted, “Maybe it’s just trauma from my previous relationship, but not having to explain myself constantly is worth more to me than anything!”

I Run MY Life

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This user shared, “Autonomy over your time, money, and emotional energy. Never share these things with folks who are unworthy of them. They are very precious resources.”

Values Freedom

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A poster divulged, “I see people have unhappy toxic, and dependent relationships built on worship and dedication to the wrong people, and it has deterred me. I value freedom.”

Peace Without Toxicity

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Someone added, “Peace. You don’t have to worry and stress yourself out over someone else’s habits or toxicity. When you’re single, you’re only focused on yourself and which path you want to go on.”

Daughter’s Happiness

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One person shared, “I am a single dad with a 12-year-old daughter, and I will remain single until she’s grown. I’m sure there are good step-parents, but I’m not willing to bring someone into my daughter’s life because of the possibility of them getting past my dad’s defenses and mistreating my daughter. I would rather die a monk than risk my daughter’s happiness or well-being.”

Don’t Want What They Have

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A top-liked comment said, “I’m almost 25, and I’ve never been in nor have I ever wanted a relationship. I don’t know if I’m asexual or if it’s trauma. My parents, for example, make each other miserable, and they are dependent on each other so that they won’t leave. My mom is entirely financially dependent on my dad, and my dad doesn’t know how to do any domestic things. I do not want that.”

Awful Ratios

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This person stated, “The ratio of truly happy to various levels of unhappy in the couples I know is something like 1:20. I won’t assume I’ll be one of the lucky ones, so I’m staying single. I have so many incredibly smart, capable friends who are saddled with useless significant others. Both men and women.”

People Are Complicated

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A user mentioned, “Relationships and other people are complicated. I want a simple life. I don’t want to second-guess myself or try to figure out what someone else is thinking.” 

In The Process Of Healing

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This commenter posted, “I’m healing inside (mentally) and working on improving myself. Doing whatever you feel like, no strings attached, is a great feeling, so right now, I’m just doing me.”

Haven’t Seen One Yet

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One poster said, “I’ve never seen a healthy or been in a healthy enough relationship that looks better than being single. It might exist. I just haven’t seen one yet.”


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Someone shared, “Sleep. I’ve reached the point in my life where, if given a choice between hooking up and getting a good night’s sleep, 9 times out of 10, it’s sleep. And the 1 out of ten is also probably sleep, but you must account for anything.”

Not Dealing With Others

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A top-liked comment said, “I’ve got enough of my own bulls****t to deal with. I don’t want to deal with someone else’s bull****t too.”

Good Luck

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Finally, a poster added, “At 38, good luck trying to find someone who doesn’t make your life worse. The parade left town. The remaining floats come with some *serious* defects.”

Source: Reddit

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