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The 15 Best Responses To Someone Telling You “No One Likes You”

When faced with the hurtful statement, “No one likes you,” responding with resilience and grace can help you navigate the situation constructively. Consider acknowledging the comment calmly and confidently instead of letting the negativity affect you. However, sometimes firing back with a quick quip or witty retort feels good too.

I Like Me

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One person said, “I like me,” and that’s the only opinion that matters. I tend to take the high road when people try to bully or make me feel less than them.”

The Feeling Is Mutual

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A second person shared, “It’s mutual, and I can live with that.” The right combo of throwing it back at them while making it clear no cares are given.”

Are You OK?

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A third person added, “Are you ok?” I use this one a lot when people say rude or mean things. Or “Who hurt you?”

Why Are You Talking To Me Then?

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This user commented, “First and foremost, I don’t know enough people for that to be a real problem. Second off, why are you talking to me then?”


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A participant shared, “Self-depreciation has always worked for me, lol. I’d respond, “Bet they haven’t disliked me as long as I have.” 

Your Mom

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A well-liked comment said, “How do you know? You only know 6 people, and your mom counts as two of them.”


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Someone said, “If it’s said through text and you really wanna be petty- “k.” People get upset when you put in the effort to make the “k” lowercase.”

Please Keep Me Posted

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A poster commented, “I applaud your commitment to interviewing everyone close to me to synthesize this conclusion; please keep me posted on any future research you are conducting on me.”

Wouldn’t Even Engage

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One user recalled, “I don’t even engage with people like this! I had a girlfriend who I broke up with, and she was saying really hurtful things to me over the phone. I hung up on her and blocked her number.”

A Blank Stare

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This commenter mentioned, “I mean, if I’m being realistic, I would just blank stare and say “uhm, okay.” And then either walk away or ignore the person.”

No Response

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A well-liked post mentioned, “No response necessary. In my opinion, either it’s true, and it stinks. Or it’s not true and is not worth a response.”

My Work Here Is Done

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This participant shared, “I’d respond, “Then my work here is done.” Mic drop and just walk away.”

A Quick-Witted Response

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A poster commented, “Personally, I like a quick-witted response that will make someone think about what I said. Something along the lines of, “That works on people who need to be liked by others! But hey, good luck spending your life chasing approval from others!”

Quote A Movie

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This user added, “Reply back with…”Do the world a favor, pull your lip over your head, and swallow.” A classic movie line from Grumpy Old Men.”

Show Empathy

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Finally, a participant said, “I’d show them empathy. I never understood why people try to make others feel bad about themselves. It’s so immature and makes me think that the person saying hurtful things is trying to make themselves feel better about something and to be honest, that’s a worse feeling than hearing something hurtful from someone who doesn’t matter in your life.”

Source: Reddit

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