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The 15 Best TV & Movie Spouses

Some of the most memorable and beloved boyfriends and husbands from TV and movies have left an indelible mark on audiences, becoming symbols of love and devotion. These iconic characters have redefined the standards of romance and forever etched their place on the “Mount Rushmore” of the best boyfriends and husbands in the world of TV and movies.

Harry Goldenblatt

Harry Goldenblatt
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One user said, “Harry Goldenblatt on S and the City. It was weird seeing Evan Handler playing such a tool on Californication after he made Harry the best husband on S.A.T.C.” 

Hal Wilkerson

Bryan Cranston
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A second user added, “Hal Wilkerson from Malcolm In The Middle. The man adores his wife like no other and is just a total heartthrob in my eyes.”

Johnny Rose

Eugene Levy
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A third user shared, “Johnny Rose from Schitt’s Creek. Moira is something else, and he just lets her do the damn thing. He’s so supportive of her and totally understands her.”

Bernard Nadler

Bernard Nadler
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Someone stated, “Bernard Nadler from Lost. I still watch his and Rose’s reunion when I’m feeling down. His proposal was so sweet too.”

Gomez Addams

woman thinking and looking to the side
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A user posted, “Gomez Addams. What a man! Honestly, they don’t make them like this anymore! He treats Morticia like an absolute goddess.”

Eric Taylor

woman thinking with hand on her chin and holding her phone
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This commenter added, “Coach Taylor and his relationship with Tami. Such a realistic portrayal of a healthy marriage, even as they navigate different issues. What an amazing husband, father, and coach!”

Phil Dunphy

Ty Burrell
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A person mentioned, “Phil Dunphy. He wasn’t perfect, but I’ll always feel that he and Claire were the most accurate depiction of a marriage on TV in the past 20 years.

Ben Wyatt

Adam Scott
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A top-liked comment said, “Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation was the first male partner on a TV show that I ever saw and thought “Wait. Guys, come in that flavor?” He is just the absolute sweetest!”

Bandit Heeler

woman with crossed arms looking frustrated
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A user said, “Bandit from Bluey. This is the way. He and Chili are the parents I aspire to be. I know it’s a kid’s cartoon, but he just gets it.”

Marshall Erikson

Jason Segel
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Someone shared, “Marshall Erikson is my dream husband. I have a huge crush on Jason Segel! Aside from the Judge thing, did he EVER put a foot wrong? And even then, I was kind of on his side. He loved Lily for everything she was and wasn’t, no matter what.”

Jake Peralta

Andy Samberg
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This user stated, “Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a great husband. He was very kind, understanding, and supported Amy in her career.”

Sandy Cohen

Peter Gallagher
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A top-liked comment said, “Sandy Cohen from The O.C. He was a great husband and father. The only time his temper showed was when someone would threaten his family, and that’s completely justifiable.” 

Pacey Witter

Joshua Jackson
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This poster commented, “Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek is still my goal boyfriend! The way he treated Andie still makes my heart melt.”

Bob Belcher

pensive woman leaning on a bench thinking
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This user stated, “I want to mention Bob Belcher from Bobs Burgers. He and Linda are goals on what works in a marriage and how happy it is. They’re just too happy to be together even when everything falls apart.”

Nick Miller

happy woman sitting in a field
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Finally, a user shared, “Nick Miller from New Girl. I love that he and Jess compromise and try to figure each other out. It’s such a beautiful relationship, and I’m so glad they got their happy ending.”

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