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The 15 Weirdest Reasons People Have Broken Up With Their Partner

Love’s journey can lead to unexpected destinations, including some rather peculiar breakup reasons. Join us as we navigate the curious terrain of relationship endings, sharing tales of the quirkiest factors that have driven couples apart. Explore the intriguing world of human connections, where even the most unusual reasons play a role in shaping our romantic narratives.

Pirate Life

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To begin, a funny story was, “In the early 2010ish era, I was in college and went out for Halloween. And met a guy dressed as a pirate that looked like Johnny Depp dressed as a pirate; it was the era of those movies. We started dating, and I realized he looked like a pirate 24/7/365, and I couldn’t handle it.”

Owl Spotting

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One user replied, “We saw an owl while driving in a road, and I thought it was so cool to see it fly over us and land in a nearby tree. She thought I was crazy. I mean…it’s an owl. How can it not be cool?“

Taco Issues

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One comment was, “Never wanted to get tacos.”

Another comment was, “Never wanted to go through the drive-thru at Taco Bell.”

Fast Talker

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A person said, “He talked so fast that I often couldn’t understand him. When I would ask him to please talk slower, he would talk LOUDER. But justasfast.”

Flat Earther

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A popular comment was, “We had an argument about the way the world works. I thought it worked as a globe. He thought it worked as a pancake.”

Another comment simply said, “Flat earther.”


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A user said, “She threw garbage out my truck window while driving down the road. First date-last date.”


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A comment was, “She insisted that the phrase where two options were basically the same as “8 of one-half dozen of another”. I told her it was 6, which is a half dozen. She told me you say it your way. I’ll say it’s mine.”

Smelly Feet

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One reply was, “His feet smelled. I mean so bad. They were so bad one night I thought he pooped the bed. Wasn’t going to go the long haul with that.”

Another reply was, “I had a long-term gf I was very much in love with who came home from an office job every day with the most revolting smelling feet. I called her out on it all the time, called her “cheesy toes.” We went out and got her some expensive, breathable office shoes, and the problem cleared up within a week. Bless her heart. I loved her so much. I wish I’d married her. Her and her cheesy toes. She was my best friend, the best I’d ever had. Bless her cotton socks (ha!).”

French Speaker

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One person said, “She would speak French to herself in the mirror at home, and then she would do it at restaurants thinking it made her sound attractive, I guess? I don’t know. Here’s the thing…. She knew not one word of French. She had no desire to learn a single word of French. She just spoke gibberish that sounded VAGUELY like French.”

Group Chat

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A most-liked comment was, “She added me to her family’s group chat after a week of dating. I was about 16 at that time and felt much pressure.”

They Told Me To

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One user replied, “Back in high school, one of my first boyfriends in HS was a really rad dude, but my friends (using that term loosely), I guess, didn’t like him and told me to break up with him and I listened, even though I really did like him. I was young and impressionable. He was a trumpet player in our school band, and he was on Academic Team with me. His AOL screen name (yes, THAT long ago) I’ll never forget: TheFlannelKing. I still think about him to this day, 25 years later.”

Burnt Food

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Someone said, “Thought microwaving a piece of leftover pizza needed four minutes.”

Someone else added, “Always burned the popcorn and refused to change the time on the microwave in which she cooked it.” 


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One person shared, “He had the same name as my dad, and I couldn’t get over it.”

Another person added, “Name is just a name. Super weird if you date someone who looks too similar to your sibling or parents, though.”

Dental Habits

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A gross comment was, “She wouldn’t brush her teeth. It was gross. A real shame because she was super cute otherwise.”

Another comment was, “I dated a guy that didn’t brush his teeth, I refused to kiss him, and I was very honest with him and told him he needed to. I was sensitive at first, but he would flat-out refuse, which was the breaking point, and I broke up with him because of it. He had pieces of things in his teeth that were still there the next time I saw him. I’m a dental nurse, too, so I’m not sure what he thought was going to happen. It still gives me the willies.”

Post Tragedy 

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One user replied, “I had a girl dump me a week after 9/11 because “everything is different now”. Thanks Osama.”

Another user added, “Planes fly into the world trade center. The world: shocked and disturbed Your ex: “This is my chance.”

Source: Reddit

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