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The 16 Cringiest Things People Say By Accident While Busy In Bed

Engaging in intimate moments can sometimes lead to unexpected verbal slip-ups. While it’s important to maintain a lighthearted approach, one could argue that the cringiest thing said during sex is highly subjective and varies from person to person. What may be cringeworthy to one individual could be endearing or even arousing to another.

Not Like That

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One commenter said, “I told a girl I liked being talked down to a little bit, and she started out with “You’re a horrible person.” Yes, she genuinely thought that’s what I was asking for.”

Did She Purr Too?

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A second commenter shared, “She just started meowing after a few minutes. It was over at that point no way I could go through with it.”

Burning Up

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A third commenter posted, “S****x was awesome, but he wouldn’t stop talking like it wasn’t just dirty talk. He kept on trying to make jokes. One time you could hear the siren of the fire department, and he was like “you hear that? They are here because you are so hot”.

Try Again

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A poster added, “I know I dropped one that was really cringy. I said, “Yep, I am definitely asexual!” That… was not a good thing to say, apparently.”

Stiffler’s Mom

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This user said, “You can’t tell your college roommate about this.” – My college roommate’s mom. Why would I?”

That Isn’t What Guys Want

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Someone shared, “Had a woman shove me off her during s****x. Naturally, I stopped. She then got confused about why I stopped and asked me to keep going. A few minutes later, I got shoved off again, and she asked why I stopped. I responded, “Because shoving someone means stop. If you don’t want me to stop then why are you doing that?” Then she said, “I’m supposed to! Guys love it when they really have to fight to get it, right?” Got dressed immediately and dropped her off at her house.”


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This commenter recalled, “On the third date with this girl, we get into it, and at some point a few seconds later, she starts yelping. Like full-on loud, high pitch yelping, like a mix between a Chihuahua and a seal sort of sound. Other factors made this even weirder to me, but yeah… didn’t see her again.”

Wrong Phrasing

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A person added, “I want to f****k you forever.” When said right, it isn’t bad. However, he did it with this evil grin that was extremely cringe, almost like the Joker’s face.”

What Did You Call ME?

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A top-liked comment said, “Who is my sl****t” It instantly turned me off. I don’t enjoy dirty talk of any kind. Even a tiny bit makes me uncomfortable, so to just come out and say that with a new partner? Ergh. I’m not a sl*****t, thanks, and I’m not yours, either. Pack it in.”

I Think That’s Called Assault

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A user shared, “Do me while I pretend to be asleep,”-My GF while trying to roleplay… my little buddy went back inside my body.”

Like A Siren

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This person recalled, “She didn’t really say anything. She was a yeller, big time, like a pornstar, but louder. We started with the windows open. I told her to hang on a second and closed the window. But she got even louder. There was a playground 50 meters over with children playing there. It was bad, I almost couldn’t finish. I was glad I got it over with.”

Come On, Already

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A poster mentioned, “A friend of my ex and I hooked up a few times a couple of years after we split. When we were having s****x, I tried not to go too quickly and went for 20 or 25 minutes. The next time we got together, she said, “You’re not going to take forever like last time, are you?” It didn’t bother me that she just said that. I mean, you have to communicate. But saying it like she did when we were about 10 seconds into it was annoying.”

Like A Rockstar

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This person shared, “I’m so excited because, after this, I’m going to eat like a rockstar” he was very skinny, lmao.”

Too Close For Comfort

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A commenter recalled, “When I was about 19 or 20, a girl said, “I wish you were my brother”……um, I mean, she was hot, so it didn’t stop me, but I never saw her again after that.”

Lost His Mojo

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This poster said, “I was actually in the wrong this time. When we changed positions, I outright said “oof” out loud. Like she was too heavy kind of “oof,” but I was sore. I felt embarrassed and lost my mojo after that.”

It’s Tricky

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Finally, a user shared, “My girlfriend and I were fooling around, and I did something like kiss her neck or something along those lines. She looks up at me and says in a se****y voice, “You tricked me,” I respond back, straight face in my se****y voice, “Trix are for kids” both started absolutely dying over the session was over immediately. The most infuriating part was I had to change my cereal of choice after that.”

Source: Reddit

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