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He Left His Ex His Beautiful 4 Bedroom Condo, and His Current Fiance is Not to Ever Bring It Up

Would you be ok knowing your current partner owns a beautiful four-bedroom condo that his ex wife lives in but you are never to talk about it or ask that she move out?

Here’s the story, he left his apartment in the city to his ex-wife and told his new fiancé that he would end the relationship if she discussed it again.

The Apartment

Recently, on a relationship advice thread via Reddit, a woman made a post asking for advice on how to handle a situation involving her fiancé and what he left his ex-wife after they divorced.

The original poster (OP) and her fiancé got engaged a year ago. OP talked about how much she loves her fiancé and how he is a great man and has done nothing but show his love to her. OP mentioned that her fiancé never speaks of his ex-wife, and all he’d ever say when she asked about his first marriage was that they were incompatible but said they have a civil relationship as they share a daughter.

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The daughter stays with OP and fiancé every other weekend. The ex-wife lives in a big beautiful 4-bedroom apartment that OP’s fiancé owns in the middle of the city. While OP, her fiancé, and his daughter share a small 2-bedroom apartment outside the city. 

This has been frustrating OP for some time, but she felt it was never any of her business since she was only his girlfriend. After OP and her fiancé got engaged, she feels that she has more say in their finances and future. 

OP feels that since the ex-wife is single and has a good job, she should move out of the apartment and give it back to her fiancé because they are a bigger family.

When OP would bring this up to her fiancé, He would say, “we’re doing fine, or that we would manage or move to a bigger apartment once we have more children.”

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Ex-Wife Agrees

Recently OP dropped her future stepdaughter off to her mother and asked her (ex-wife) if she would give the apartment back to the ex-husband since they were now a family of 3 and possibly bigger in the future. To OP’s surprise, the ex-wife agreed. When OP’s fiancé came home, she told him what happened, he got very angry and told OP if she ever brings this up again that, the relationship would be over.

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The Masses Weigh In

Redditors were quick to give their opinions on this apartment situation. 

One user responded, “You shouldn’t have gone behind his back. You have less rights to the apartment than anyone else in this story, and it isn’t your place to demand what he freely gave. Also, it doesn’t sound like your fiancé is willing to share much of his life with you e.g. what happened with his marriage or why he’s supporting her. I would be more concerned about that.”

Another Redditor said,” He refuses to talk about it, which means there is likely something else entangled in this or he is just a man-child.”

Finally, someone wrote, “ Just commenting here so you get a chance to read OP’s update. The fiancé cheated on the ex-wife and she was kind enough to not expose him, and he’s still in love with her, so he left her the apartment.”

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