20 Points on the Spectrum: From Friend Zone to Romance and Everything In-between

Navigating the complex spectrum of human relationships is no easy task. Indeed, between the simple realms of friendship and romance, there exist numerous, often uncharted territory of emotions and bonds that we struggle to define.

This post aims to shed light on the intricate labyrinth that is the 20 unique zones between friendship and romantic relationships. From the initial spark of attraction to the deep-rooted bonds of a long-term commitment, we’ll explore the subtleties, the nuances, and the often overlooked stages of the journey from friend to lover.

Zodiac Signs

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One commentor shared, “A girl recently told me “Our zodiac signs aren’t compatible. I am looking for more water sign friends.” So I think I got cancer zoned….”

Unsure Zone

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A second commentor stated, “The “we talk pretty regularly, but I have no idea what we are” zone. Happens a lot.”

Tired Of Being Alone

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A third person added, “The “Doesn’t really like being around people but is also sick of being single” Zone.”

Alone Forever

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A user shared, “I was married (recently divorced), happily, for almost two years. I liked it. Enjoyed it, even. I’m just not sociable enough to meet anyone to get back into the situation again (especially at my age, which isn’t like OLD…but old enough to put myself in the “meeting people is troublesome zone”). I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this means I’ll likely spend the rest of my life alone.”

Textual Intimacy

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A poster said, “The “I need to do my assignments, and I’m too tired for any type of dating activities, but I still want to flirt via text zone.”


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A top-liked comment said, “The gets ghosted after a day of talking on dating apps zone, so you just give up and then don’t talk to anyone.”

Finally, Or Not

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This user said, “I had a girl match with me recently who started the conversation and started it by saying “finally” — we had similar friend groups, and she had apparently been waiting a while to match with me. We flirted back and forth for a day, and we haven’t spoken since.”

No Reply

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A user recalled, “I had a situation recently where I matched with an absolute smoke show who had the same hobby as me. Both remarked to each other how good-looking we thought the other was. Chatted for one night, and when I woke up the next morning, I never got a reply when I reached back out.”


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This commentor added, “The, “You told me you loved me and wanted to live with me forever 2 months ago but blocked me and told me never contact you again” zone.”

Ruin A Friendship

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One user said, “The “I’d be cool with dating you, I just don’t want to eff up this awesome friendship” zone.”

Blast Zone

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An excited person added, “Single after a year of emotional abuse and having a f****king blast” zone.”

It’s Complicated

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A poster shared, “I’m in the “it’s a complicated relationship but also in the temporary friend zone” zone.”

Dating Co-Workers

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This person commented, “The “Sometimes being good enough friends to wave at each other in the hall but also sometimes not, and I can’t tell when or when not to” zone. Don’t date and break up with people you work with and will still each other often. It’s brutal.”

Ready To Mingle

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A user added, “I’m in the “alone but want to meet someone zone,” I need to get out and mingle, but I’m not 21 for another few months, so I can’t go to bars.”

I Love You But….

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One commentor said, “Currently in the “I care about you so much and think I might be in love with you, but you just wanted to use me for my body, and now you don’t give a f****ck about me, but I just can’t seem to let you go” zone.”

The Wait List

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This commenter shared, “The “waiting list” zone. My ex-girlfriend, who is engaged, genuinely thinks she’ll sleep with me someday. She’s confessed she’d cheat on her fiance’ to have s****x with me. I never tell her no or yes to give her hope, but I’m not tapping that.”

Forced Out

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A commenter added, “The woman I’ve lived with for 16 years has forced me out of my own house. I cook dinner and bring it to her. I have to return to the house when she is in the backyard and do dishes, wash clothes, and clean the house. I still love this woman with all my heart.” 

Make Your Feelings Known

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A user commented, “The zone where she would’ve never got with her boyfriend if she thought I liked her and that she still really likes me. So yeah.”

The Alone Zone

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One person stated, “The “alone zone” and happy about it after a long time. The more relationship sh***t I see friends and family go through, the more I appreciate being alone.”

The Middle

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Finally, a commentor shared, “I’m in the “limbo zone,” the awful in-between; there’s a strong connection that’s playful and deep, and there’s genuine care there. People think we’re something more, but we’re not. It’s rather empty, surprisingly.”

Commentors of this thread highlighted the complex dynamics of romantic relationships and the challenges of navigating the boundaries between friendship and romance. A common theme that popped up regularly was the ruining of an existing relationship that the poster and their romantic target were already engaged in.

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