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20 Crazy Things Men Do That Women Will Never Understand

Men often do things that women might not notice or know about, like grooming and bonding activities. Behind closed doors, they talk about hobbies, sports, and technology, forming secret groups based on shared interests.

Bathroom Etiquette

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One Redditor responded, “Men’s bathroom etiquette. Never leave the stall at the same time as someone else.”

Unhealthy Eating

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A second Redditor said, “Eating your feelings so your girlfriend or wife doesn’t think you’re weak.”


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This user said, “Clothes with functional pockets. My PJs have better pockets than half the pants my wife owns.”


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A user stated, “The little plastic things that go in the collar of a button-up to keep the collar nice. She was shocked when I took them out for laundry.”

Male Bonding

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A commenter said, “How to insult each other as a way of showing friendship. There is a one-up manship in joking guys do when they hang out.”

Beard Care

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One added, “Beard trimmers and beard oil. Beard oil is oil that’s applied to the beard to keep both the beard and the skin under it moisturized. It’s fascinating to my wife.”


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A top-liked comment said, “Testicles. Scratching them, moving them, repositioning them, what to do when they’re cold, what to do when they’re sticky.”


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“The desire to sleep with every woman you find at least moderately attractive.”


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One added, “I can’t talk to my girlfriends about tools and cars. But they can’t talk to me about makeup and beauty supplies, so it evens out.”


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A commenter said, “I was hanging out with a few girlfriends and went to take a leak. I was in and out in about 40 seconds, and they were shocked that it took me so little time. I guess they hadn’t realized how fast and convenient urinals are.”


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A user commented, “Being able to sit and stare at the wall/TV/out the window/etc. without a thought in your mind as a way to regenerate yourself.”


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A top-like comment said, “The Man Nod. There are two. Up and down. Different meanings.”


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This poster said, “Humor as a social control device. It might just be because it doesn’t work with women since they take everything in earnest, but there’s a lot you can accomplish by cracking the right joke at the right time about the right person.”


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A user stated, “Weights/workout machines. Most women just don’t know how to lift. But then again, many guys I’ve seen in my gym don’t either.”


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“This isn’t really a thing so much, but sports. If we look at football, the most popular sport in the U.S., there are plenty of women who are fans, but few even know more than the basics of the game. I will fairly often have to explain penalties and whatnot, and I’m no expert. Again, this is a cultural boys club.”


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A user commented, “Generalization alert, but how you can sit with a guy friend, not say anything, grunt a few times, drink a few beers, and totally bond.”


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A user had this to say, “We have to carry all of our grocery bags at once. There are no two trips. We are hard-wired for this. Two trip exceptions: Cases of water/beer/soda or anything that legitimately requires two hands to lift. Otherwise, it’s every single grocery bag on one, maybe two arms, and one trip from car to house.”

Ease Of Access

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A user commented, “Not really something men use, but I feel a great amount of pity for the women of the world who won’t know the joy of unzipping and taking a wee while outside.”

Function Before Fashion

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A Redditor added, “Real boots. The kind that reduces foot pain instead of increasing it. Function over fashion here.”

Deep In Thought

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Finally, “How we think. We’re deep thinkers but often don’t share our thoughts or express our emotions. We tend to internalize things and think through our problems or over-think our problems before we try to solve them.”

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