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20 People Share The Moment They Knew Their Relationship Was Over

The saying “You can’t take back hurtful words” holds a powerful truth. Once spoken, those words linger, often causing irreparable damage. Following an upsetting interaction with a partner, a harsh reality sets in, indicating that this might mark the end of the relationship. The profound pain and hurt experienced during that pivotal moment leave an indelible scar on the heart, leaving no room for doubt. Thus, the decision to break up becomes inevitable.

To Prove A Point

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One user said, “During a heated argument about me being unemployed (she was too) and the apartment not being picked up or cleaned, she literally took a sh****t on the couch mid-argument to prove a point.”

To Choose

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A second user added, “I’m a relatively successful musician for a living, and she, after about a month of dating, said I need to choose between her and my 10-year-long career. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t a hard choice.”

Perpetual Anger

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A third user commented, “She said, “I never know when you’re angry at me, so I constantly have to be mad at you preemptively. That’s why I’m withholding s****x.”

Too Soon

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A poster shared, “After dating for 2 weeks, we are driving in the car. She casually mentions that she wants to be married and pregnant within the next year. I was 21. No way in hell I was getting married.”

Can’t Take That Back

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This reader recalled, “My father, who was my best friend and my hero, had passed away about a year or so before, and it was still extremely raw. I rarely shared my feelings about it with anyone but felt comfortable crying in front of her. She was mad at me about something relatively insignificant and said, “Your dad died not loving you. How could anyone possibly ever love you?”

Mommas Boy

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A poster divulged, “My mom was diagnosed with cancer while I was dating this girl. She got upset that I was “acting weird” and called me a “momma’s boy” when I told her about the cancer.”

Domestic Violence

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One user commented, “When my ex-wife repeatedly smashed her keys in my face because I was leaving on a weekend trip she had known about for a month.”

Locks Replaced

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This poster said, “She had the locks replaced in my house. I come home from a 14-hour shift to a note telling me I needed to find a new place to live.”

In A Jam

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A user added, “We got into an argument over strawberry jam that ended in her making a false domestic violence report to the police. I was arrested and sat in jail for a week until I could go in front of a judge. Luckily my public defender got the case dismissed. I lost my job, apartment, and several friends because of that goddamn strawberry jam-hoarding b****ch.”


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One user mentioned, “She accused me of cheating on her and punched me in the face. I wasn’t cheating. She was.”


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One person added, “When I caught her texting my roommate, “I can’t wait for you to come over to my dorm and stay the night.”


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This user recalled, “I planned a birthday party for my ex. After dinner/drinks, we went to a bar, and there was karaoke night happening. She convinced me to sing her a song even though she knew I didn’t like singing in front of people. I did it anyway. She was snarky all night, and I said, “I  planned a birthday party, invited all your friends, got up in front of all these people to sing a song for you, and I didn’t even get so much as a thank you.” And her response was, “Who cares? It sucked anyway.” 

Donation Bin

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A reader said, “When I came out of the shower, a bunch of my clothes were piled on the floor outside my room. When asked what she was doing,  I was told they were the clothes she was going to throw out because she didn’t like them.”

Over The Top

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A top-liked comment said, “She threatened to call the cops if I came home. She was mad at me and threatened to call the police if I simply entered my own home. That was the end of it for me.”

Emotional Abuse

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This person stated, “When he started getting emotionally abusive. Telling me things like I’ll never meet someone like him again, that I’m stupid and naive. Then his responses to my attempts to break it off became increasingly desperate to the point where he said he would hurt himself.”

An Awkward Moment

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One user shared, “A year after the baby was born, we each arranged to have one night out of the house. I went to see friends to play Rock Band and D&D. She set a movie night with a friend. After one of these movie nights, she came home and told me that her friend kissed her. I told her I assumed that “movie night” would be coming to an end, and she said, “No way… he’s my friend, and that’s not going to change. I can’t believe you think you can control who I’m friends with!” And that, friends, is the moment my marriage ended.”


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A poster added, “When I walked into the bathroom and almost stepped on a needle and baggie of heroin, this is after his 2 rounds of rehab and being clean for almost a year.”

In His League

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This user recalled, “He told me he was glad I was ugly and actually “in his league,” when I got upset with him, he told me he was too good for me anyway.”

Sucker Punch

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A poster commented, “She slapped me across the face in line at a festival. I can’t even remember what we were arguing about, but before I knew it, she’d hit me.”

Couldn’t Be Bothered

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Finally, a reader shared, “When I was at work, he messaged me that our cat had diarrhea with blood. He said he couldn’t be bothered to take her to the vet.”

Source: Reddit

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