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15 Real People Share Their Best Relationship Advice They Wish They’d Heard Sooner

In the tapestry of human connections, few bonds hold as much significance as those within relationships. Through the ebbs and flows of life, we seek guidance on navigating this complex terrain with grace and authenticity. There is no manual for navigating relationships, so oftentimes, we turn to others in relationships or even older friends in family members that have been successful in theirs.

Discuss Life Goals

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To begin, a user replied, “Discuss life goals (especially kids) and financial habits before you get married. If one person wants 6 kids and the other wants to be childless, that won’t work. If one person has champagne tastes and spending habits, but you as a couple have a boxed wine budget, then that is a problem. More than one marriage has been ended because one spouse is bad with money and refuses to live within their means.”


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This person said, “I love the quote “I don’t want you to save me, but you can hold my hand while I save myself.” Support with respect is key.”

Never Take Your Partner For Granted

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A well-liked comment was, “Never take each other for granted; show appreciation often. Please and thank you go a long way. You should treat your spouse with respect and kindness.”

Do More

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A user said, “There is no such thing as a perfect 50/50 split because of the “unseen tasks” that every partner has. Do more than your “fair share” and your partner WILL notice.”

The Right One Makes It Effortless

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One person wrote, “Relationships are never easy, but the right person should make it FEEL easy. If it’s not easy for you to do that maintenance and keep that mindfulness, chances are they aren’t the one for you.”

Don’t Keep Score

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A commenter added, “There is no reason to keep score. You are both on the same team. If one (or both) of you starts keeping score with things, it is time to evaluate the state of the relationship and why this is occurring. On a related note, all problems can be solved, but not all problems are worth solving.”

You Make The Cake

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This user posted, “A partner is the cherry on top of a cake. The cake is your responsibility. Translation: A good partner can make you happier in life but can never make you happy. It is your own responsibility too have a happy and fulfilling life.”

Let It Happen Naturally

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A person replied, “Don’t look for a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. It never works out and always ends in heartbreak.”

Work As A Team

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A top-liked comment was, “Keep in mind that you are not fighting against your significant other during conflicts. You and your significant other are up against the issue.”

Start Together

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One person replied, “Never start imagining a life together before you even started. Get to know the person first. Build it up from there.”

Make The Time

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A user replied, “Make time. You’ll always have a million and one things that need your attention, but if you’re going to be with someone and start a family with them, make time for them.”

The Human Experience

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This person posted, “Even head over heels in-love people get on each other’s nerves occasionally. It’s not necessarily a sign of trouble, or that you’re growing apart, or you or she isn’t good or the right one. You’re together almost ALL the time. It’s a sign that you’re human.

Water Yours

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One user commented, “If the grass is greener on the other side, try watering yours. Or, be aware that the grass only looks greener because there’s dirt underneath.”

Know When To Move On

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A popular comment was, “That “relationships are SO HARD” or “Marriage takes so much work” is terrible advice. Relationships take effort and maintenance, and mindfulness, but it shouldn’t be “work.” It’s a garden, not a salt mine. If, literally, everything is an uphill struggle all the time, you’re not compatible. Move on.”

Be Individuals Together

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Someone posted, “While in a relationship, don’t lose yourself as an individual. This is always important, but it’s life-shattering when a breakup occurs, and one of the people doesn’t have their own identity.”

Never Stop Dating

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Finally, someone said, “Never stop dating each other,” which was some of the best advice I ever received. Remember to laugh together and keep the romance alive.”

Source: Reddit

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