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The Top 15 Most Intimate Grooming Habits We Don’t Talk About

Let’s admit it, there are grooming habits that many of us prefer to keep private. Whether due to a touch of self-consciousness or a belief that they don’t require disclosure, it is not uncommon to harbor a few secrets in this realm. So, let’s explore the grooming habits that some individuals choose to keep concealed from their significant others.

Hair Removal Methods

woman wiping face with cotton
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First, someone replied, “That I pluck my chin hairs. He’ll never know!”

A second added, “I do a lot of plucking, and I bleach my facial hair in secret, although I’m sure if we get married, I’ll just end up doing it all in front of him.”

Skincare Routines

Skincare routines woman in a towel using cotton on her face
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A user commented, “To add onto that, squeezing the various bumps on my nipz occasionally. I don’t know if they’re pimples or I’m squeezing out boob cheese, but there’s a lot of stringy gunk sometimes.”

A second user said, “Pop my pores (blackheads) on the regular.”

Makeup Application Techniques

Makeup application techniques woman putting on mascara
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A popular comment read, “My gf doesn’t know I use an acne cream or that I color correct my under eye circles. It’s kinda shameful since my acne is still so bad, even with an expensive four-step face cleanser.”

A second comment was, “I don’t go out of my way to hide anything except going to the bathroom; he usually makes himself scarce when it’s time for me to do my skincare routine and whatnot.”

Hair Styling Practices

woman brushing her hair
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A popular comment was, “I use LOTS of dry shampoo.”

Nail Care

Fake Nails womans lower face with hands up by mouth
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One added, “I always secretly get gel nail polish done because it lasts longer and looks better, but my partner never notices the difference! It’s my little secret indulgence that makes me feel good about myself.”

Teeth Whitening or Other Dental Treatments

Teeth whitening or other dental treatments woman smiling with white teeth
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One user commented, “I use teeth whitening strips occasionally to brighten up my smile, but I don’t always mention it to my partner. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but I do enjoy feeling more confident when my teeth look a bit whiter. It’s just a small thing that I like to do for myself every now and then.”

Body Hair Trimming or Shaving in Specific Areas

Body hair trimming or shaving in specific areas man trimming beard
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One comment said, “Uhhh, I don’t pluck the annoying hairs around my nips in front of him, but it’s not like he doesn’t know I do it.”

A second comment said, “I used to have grooming secrets when we were first living together, but I now shave my face when he’s in the bathroom with me. He knows I’m a hairy woman.”

Bleaching Methods

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“It’s not exactly a secret, but I try to bleach my lip hair when he’s not around. Mostly because I look silly af with that thick, white bleach ‘stach..”

Wearing Shapewear or Compression Garments

Wearing shapewear or compression garments woman pulling up shapewear
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A popular comment was, “I wear shapewear under my dresses sometimes, especially if I have an important event or feel a bit bloated. It’s not something I feel the need to share with my partner, but it definitely gives me a boost of confidence and helps me feel more comfortable in my own skin.”

Using Feminine Hygiene Products

Using feminine hygiene products tampons and pads with a red flower
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One woman added, “He knows I keep feminine wipes in my wallet to use if I feel less than fresh. We don’t hide anything at this point.”

Another replied, “He has a BAD blood phobia from time spent in the hospital as a child. He gets nauseous and lightheaded around needles and blood… So anything period-related I try to keep wrapped or bloody-side down in the bin.”

Foot Care

Footcare woman getting a foot massage
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A user replied, “I shave my toes and have to do a lot of foot maintenance (lotion, pumice, etc.) because I secretly have hobbit feet. :,(“

Nose Hair Trimming or Removal

Nose hair trimming or removal man getting his nose waxed
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One added, “I’ve been using a nose hair trimmer for years, but I’ve never mentioned it to my partner. I figure if he doesn’t notice any stray hairs poking out, then it’s not worth mentioning. Plus, it’s not exactly the most glamorous grooming habit to bring up!”

Ear Hair Trimming or Removal

Ear hair trimming or removal man using an ear hair trimmer
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One popular comment was, “I secretly pluck out any visible ear hairs that I notice, but I don’t make a big deal about it. It’s not something that comes up in conversation often, but I feel better knowing that I’m taking care of myself and presenting a neat and tidy appearance.”

Cleansing Products

Cleansing Products woman sitting with detox shakes
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One user wrote, “Cleansing enemas. Nobody needs the details on that one…”

Blowdrying Areas

Blowdrying areas woman wearing a towel blowdrying her hair
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One commented, “I blow dry under my boobs. I’m busty, and if I’m not totally dry under there when I put clothes on, it just gets sorta gross, and basically, a yeast infection can emerge in the moist environment. Toweling off isn’t good enough. Ladies, if your cleavage ever has an unpleasant scent, blow dry them.”

Finally, “I definitely use the blow dryer on my lady business. It is my dream to someday have one of those Dyson hand dryer-type things installed on the bathroom floor. Then with the flip of a switch, I can just stand there while a glorious wind blows my bits dry.”

Source: Reddit

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