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The Single Life: People Share Common Indicators Of What A Single Man’s Living Space Might Look Like

Ah, the single life, a time in a man’s life that is usually looked back on with fond memories of not having to be responsible to or for anyone. A man’s first living space by himself is often looked at as some of the greatest times in his life. Most men aren’t much for decorating or having creature comforts in their living space like a woman would. What tends to stand out to most people when they see a single man’s living space is the overall cleanliness or lack thereof in the living space. Usually, a single man has a messy room with clothes strewn across the floor, unwashed dishes piling up in the sink, and an unkempt bathroom. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all single men, but there are certainly some telltale signs that he may not be dating when you happen upon his living space.

Window Decor

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One user shared, “Anything but a curtain acting as a curtain. I was casually meeting up with a guy using garbage bags to block light coming into his bedroom. He said it was because the blankets kept falling down.”

Shower Soap

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A second user said, “3 empty bottles of head and shoulders still in the shower, prob another bottle half full with tons of excess shampoo dried all around the outside—a small pile of leftover Irish spring soap bars. Maybe we can smash them together and make a full bar one day.”

Liquor Bottles

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A third user added, “Empty liquor bottles lined up as decor. If you don’t live in a frat house, no one thinks it’s cool to use empty bottles as decor.”

An Empty Fridge

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This user commented, “Empty fridge except for a random beer and take-out boxes from weeks ago. It’s ok to eat and have a fridge with food in it.” 

A Seat For One

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A poster shared, “A really big single-seat recliner in front of a massive TV with game consoles under it. There’s nothing wrong with gaming, but there’s a certain level of commitment to staying single when you have just one chair in your living/lounge room.”


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A top-liked comment said, “A random flag hanging on the living room wall. It’s more than fine to show off your heritage or love for teams and what have you, but maybe get something other than a random a** flag.”

Sleeping Arrangements 

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A commenter posted, “Using tee shirts as pillowcases. You can purchase a single pillowcase. A smelly old t-shirt won’t cut it. Seriously, how does the pillow not slip out of the head hole?”


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Someone added, “No hand soap in the bathroom. Doesn’t have to be a single man either. Both my siblings are married, and their bathrooms are like this. They literally go out to the kitchen sink and wash their hands… make it make no sense.”

A Big Mess

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This person said, “The whole living space is a big mess, with zero decorations whatsoever, or my favorite holiday decorations from December still up in July.”


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One user added, “A bottle of lotion and used tissues by their bed. Gross. It doesn’t take much to toss the tissues and hide the bottle, lol.”

No Toilet Paper

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A poster recalled, “Empty beer cans/alcohol bottles everywhere or used as decorations, naked girl posters, no toilet paper. I recently went to a friend’s apartment who is single, and he had napkins from a restaurant in the bathroom with no toilet paper.”

The Comfort Of Home

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This user said, “Bare white walls or a sh****tty poster on them. A large TV with no furniture other than a futon serving double duty as a bed. Beer cans everywhere.”

A Bare Bed

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A top-liked comment said, “No throw pillows or couch blanket folded somewhere close, and only two pillows on the bed with a thin flat comforter.”

Paper Towels

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This poster added, “A roll of paper towels sitting by the bathroom sink for drying your hands. Hand towels are so cheap and reusable!”

Drink Choices

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Finally, a poster shared, “I was at my single bother’s apartment recently, and my drink choices were energy drinks or beer. His cups were reusable fast food cups that were dirty in his sink. Plus, a bottle of cheap vodka in the freezer that was big enough to render him unable to store much else in the freezer.”

Source: Reddit

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