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The Top 15 Non-Intimate Things Every Guy Wants To Do

Beyond the confines of physical desires, men are drawn to a diverse spectrum of non-intimate experiences that contribute to their sense of fulfillment and purpose—engaging in activities that fuel their passions, whether it’s pursuing a challenging hobby, delving into creative endeavors, or immersing themselves in intellectual pursuits. There are things, as silly as it may seem, that men want to do other than just having relations.

Demolition Man

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One commenter said, “If most demolitions were blowing stuff up, I’d change careers. Unfortunately, I think it’s slowly tearing stuff apart brick by brick.”

A Pat On The Back

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A second commenter added, “As a husband, father of 3, working full-time, trying to stay on a healthy diet to be around for my family as they age, and trying to exercise enough to keep my body strong, is a lot to keep up. “Sometimes, just a pat on the back saying “You’re doing a good job.” Is what I want.”

To Be Held & Loved

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A third commenter posted, “I want to be held and loved without fear of being called weak or less than a man. Physical comfort to me is paramount to being in a relationship.”

The “Small Spoon” For Once

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This user shared, “I’m a big guy, but I’d love to be the small spoon in a cuddle, and she just holds me and rubs my head, maybe even hum the melody of a sad song.”

Immersed In Love

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A poster divulged, “Feeling loved. Drowning in love. Immersed in love. Melting when you see that person, knowing that person wants to be with you too.”

Pause Time

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Someone added, “Every guy secretly dreams of being able to pause time, not for any nefarious reasons, but just to finally catch up on all the sleep they’ve missed out on during their lives! We’re just modern-day nap enthusiasts.”

To Win

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One person shared, “I just want to win all the time! I don’t care if it’s a board game, the lottery, or anything else that makes me feel like a winner. I just want to win it all.”

Explore Emotions

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A top-liked comment said, “I want to explore my emotions with someone other than my wife, that isn’t my therapist and someone who won’t judge me but understands who I am.”

Be A Prize Fighter

boxers in the ring
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This person stated, “Be a prize fighter on a huge stage while the world watches. I think boxers and fighters are some of the toughest people on earth, and maybe I’m overcompensating for something but being known as “one of the baddest men on the planet” is a title I’d love to own.”

Have Someone To Talk To

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A user mentioned, “Have someone to talk to. I’m an introvert and never really had close friends or family with whom I could feel completely safe, and having someone there when I need them would be the best thing ever.”

Some Alone Time

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This commenter posted, “I’m married with kids, a full-time job, and a million responsibilities. I just want one day a week where I can get things done around the house and be by myself without having to be responsible for anyone else. I love my life and my family with all my heart, but the constant nuances of life have really dragged me down, and I just want time to myself.”

To Feel Appreciated

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One poster lamented, “All I ever wanted from this world was to feel appreciated. No silly platitudes, just honest, sincere appreciation for a job well done.”

Fly A Jet

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Someone shared, “Fly a fighter jet. You don’t think about it daily, but you would. It just seems like the coolest thing ever.”

Be Pampered

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A top-liked comment said, “I wanted to be pampered. Go to the spa, get a mani/pedi, a full body massage, a face mask, the whole nine. I would do this every day if I could.”

Hold Hands

Physical Contact: man and woman touching hands.
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Finally, someone added, “Holding hands, I like it when she just wants to hold pinkies or pointy fingers while shopping, walking the dog, or relaxing.”

Source: Reddit

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