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From The Mouth of a Woman: 15 Things Men Wear That Are Instant Turn-Ons

It’s said that the most attractive thing a man can wear is confidence. A man exuding self-assurance and poise in whatever he chooses to dress in instantly captivates those around him. That said, if we focus on attire specifically, most would say a well-tailored suit. Beyond that, a genuine smile paired with a simple, classic outfit can work wonders, highlighting approachability and warmth.

A Well-Fitted Button-Down

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One commenter said, “A well-fitted button-down shirt in a color that complements your skin tone. My husband has darker skin, so he can carry off brighter colors than I can. When he wears a button-down gingham shirt with his sleeves rolled up, has a full beard, and sports his dark-rimmed glasses, like, forget it, I’m already grabbing his perky a**, whispering sweet nothings in his ear.”

Tailored Suit

Man in a suit
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A second commenter added, “Well-fitted suit and shirt. The tie is optional, but I really like them. Even an unattractive man looks good in well-fitted suits.”

Clothing That Fits

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A third commenter posted, “Clothes that actually fit! And bonus points for not wearing a T-shirt with some kind of saying on it.”

Boxer Briefs

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This user shared, “White or black briefs. Not underwear or “undies” that make you look like a weird perverted superhero. I’m talking 3-6 inch briefs that hug the legs!”

Scent & Cleanliness

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A poster divulged, “How you dress matters. How you smell matters, and good smell comes from within, not body spray. Clean body. Brushed and flossed teeth (even if they are crooked). Clean clothing that fits. I’ve dated guys 140 lbs and guys 260 lbs. I thought they were all terribly handsome.”

A Bath Towel

Man in a towel.
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Someone added, “A towel just after a shower or bath. One that’s wrapped around the waist with a little slouch….please excuse me, I need to leave now.”

A Kilt

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One person shared, “A kilt or any other kind of skirted national dress- robes, sarongs, salwar kameez. Have always had a thing for men in skirts.”

Confidence & Humor

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A top-liked comment said, “Confidence and a good sense of humor. If you have those things, clothing doesn’t matter much to me. I mean, don’t be a slob, but attractiveness, in my opinion, is how they wear their personality.”

A Sporty Tracksuit

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This person stated, “I’m weird… but an Adidas tracksuit. I love that sporty look, bonus points if they actually play sports as an adult.”

Rolled-Up Sleeves

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A user mentioned, “This question comes up all the time. The only answer that’s remotely consistent is rolled-up sleeves.

A Child

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This commenter posted, “A baby. Seriously, when my son was an infant, and I took him out shopping or whatever, I never had so many women stop and chat with me in my life. Even women that were “Out of my league” and normally wouldn’t give me the time of day would come over and talk to me.”


The Nursing Profession: man standing with a clipboard dressed in scrubs as a nurse.
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One poster said, “Doctors scrubs. Not a lab coat like an office doctor but scrubs that say, “I’m here to save a life.” Nothing is sexier than a smart and confident-looking doctor.”

A Nice Timepiece

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Someone shared, “A nice watch and cologne. I went on a blind date with someone I didn’t find terribly attractive, but his watch and scent really drew me into him for some reason.”

The “Americana” Look

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A top-liked comment said, “Crewneck sweatshirt, well-fitted jeans, and either boat or casual shoes. I just love that classic “Americana” look on a man.”

Concert Gear

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Finally, someone added, “Ripped jeans, band t-shirt, battle/leather jacket. This is why I love going to concerts. It’s like the uniform of hot guys that are into music. Yeah, I have type.” Source: Reddit

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