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10 Things People Brag About That No One Really Cares About

Oh, people love to brag. I don’t know if bragging has become more popular throughout the years or if social media has just made it easier for people to show off and brag. But whatever it is, bragging is at an all-time high, and boy, is it annoying. People find anything they can to brag about nowadays, and sometimes the brag isn’t even that impressive. So, what is something people brag about that really isn’t impressive?

Being a Model

man and woman dressed up in black.
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One Redditor commented, “Modelling, apparently everyone is a model these days.”

Another Redditor replied, “I was a model! I brag about it, but it’s pretty funny since it was for textbooks. I’m sure high school kids everywhere are probably drawing obscene things on my pictures.”

Parent’s Careers

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A user responded with, “Their parent’s jobs/careers. There’s always that one kid that says, “My dad could buy your dad.”

A second user added, “Any one-upmanship involving parents is ridiculous.”

School Related Issues

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A popular comment was, “How little they paid attention / how much they skipped in school.”

A funny comment read, “Because being cool for 4 years in high school equates to being cool forever, right? …right?”


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One Redditor replied, “I used to brag that I am a Microsoft Certified Worldwide Excel Expert.”

A second Redditor responded, “I used to brag all the time about being a certified lifeguard. No one cared because I never had to save anyone truly.“


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One most-liked comment was, “How much something they own costs.”

Another user added, “Especially people who can’t even afford it. “Hey, look at my new phone! It cost 500$. I had to borrow money from the bank for it!”

Driving Under The Influence 

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A user commented, “How well they drive when they’re drunk/high.”

Another user added, “This makes me quite upset when people say that. I cannot stress enough how STUPID drinking and driving is. Lost a great friend due to it. If you’re one of those people who brag about it, please do your friends, family, and yourself a favor and get your head out of your ass.”

Company Brags

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One Redditor responded, “Companies bragging about ‘real’ ingredients. It should be a given, regardless.”

Another funny comment was. “Other companies use holographic food, but not us! We use only 100% real ingredients like meat, dairy products, and vegetables! And try our water, it has zero preservatives and no artificial coloring!”

Being Rich

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A popular comment was, “I don’t understand when kids in high school would brag about how rich they were. Listen, man. You don’t work. You don’t have a job. You don’t earn anything. You’re 

bragging about how rich your parents are. You know, those same parents that you call losers.”

A second user added, “I had a roommate in college that “owned” an A4 and a Mustang Cobra. He would constantly criticize our friends about how they had such crappy cars (E.g., “Dude, your Civic is a piece of ****, you should get an Audi”). Hey man, you actually didn’t buy that car. You’re 19. This is a state college. Most of us are paying our own way.”

Their Hometown

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One Redditor added, “Being from New York. Here in the mid-west, New Yorkers can’t seem to be able to have a conversation without reminding you where they were born 5 times. They find it very impressive for some reason.”

A second Redditor commented, “What people from the coasts don’t seem to grasp is that here in the Midwest, we really don’t give two flying f**** about where you’re from. We know that the Midwest doesn’t have much glitz or glamour. We don’t care. We like it that way. If the coolest thing about you is just where you’re from, you’re probably not a very cool person.”

Being in the Military 

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Finally, one user replied, “Military service. I’m a veteran myself, but I can’t stand the, I’m better than you mentality or respect demanded. Many enlisted/officers or veterans have a major ego and feel entitled to much more.”
These are just some of the things Redditors felt were unnecessary to brag about. What do people brag about you? Do you think you brag about something?

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