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The Top 18 Qualities In Women That are Instant Turn Ons for Men

Certain qualities can instantly captivate your attention towards someone. It could be a personality trait, a physical attribute, or a combination of both. Each individual has their own unique preferences, often referred to as “types.” However, what types do men find most appealing? Someone posed the question, “Boys, be brutally honest. What instantly makes a girl attractive?” Let’s delve into the responses and uncover the factors that draw men in.

Naturally Funny

Naturally Funny couple sitting and laughing
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A user commented, “Being naturally funny to the point we can just riff and both be cracking up. Met one girl in my life that would have me constantly dying, so I invited her out to the bar since all our mutual friends were going out. We spent all night just cracking jokes and trolling men who would approach her.”

Another user said, “Humor. If a girl has a good sense of humor and can make you laugh and also can take a joke, it makes her more approachable and attractive!”


Kindness older and younger hands clasped together
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One wrote, “Kindness. Hands down. You can be pretty or not. But the moment I discover that you are thoughtful and kind? BOOM… you’re a knockout! Married my knockout too.”

A second added, “Having a good heart. Building people up rather than tearing them down.”

Having Passion

Having Passion couple snuggling affectionately
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A popular comment was, “Being passionate about something. I love when a girl starts pouring out her thoughts on a favorite topic. Seeing the excitement behind her eyes and increase in animation is super cool!”


Vulnerability woman with a hat pulled over her face
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A person responded, ”Vulnerability. People are so guarded and closed off being able to have an open, genuine interaction with someone willing to share who they truly are is wildly attractive. That’s what made me fall for my wife so quickly. She was so vulnerable and authentic from the start I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.”

Good Listener

Good Listener couple having a talk with coffee
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One person replied, “Whenever they listen to the conversation and contribute. There’s a thing of waiting for your turn to talk, and then there’s actually listening adding to the conversation. You should never just be waiting to talk. Listening and understanding another person’s point is important to me.”


Confidence woman showing confidence and strength with biceps flexed
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One person commented, “Confidence trumps all of it for me. Some women just have a presence when they enter a room that demands attention, and it’s so attractive. You pick up on it even before you really get a good look at them.”

Another person replied, “Confidence is very attractive. Overconfidence is extremely ugly. There’s a difference between knowing you’re attractive. And thinking you’re the most attractive person in the room.”


Enthusiasm woman with enthusiastic face
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“Enthusiasm, like please tell me excitedly about how color theory is the reason behind marketing success. I’ll be drooling in a second.”

Down To Earth

Down To Earth woman laying in the grass smiling
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One user replied, “When she’s down to earth and not mean for no reason, lol.”

Another user felt the same and said, “This is what bothers me about so many strong women in today’s movies and TV. It’s OK if a woman is mean with good reason, but they are just snarky and sassy for no good reason.”


Attraction couple holding hands at a table looking happy and flirty
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An honest person added, “If she is attracted to me.”

A lot of people agreed, and one said, “It’s your attachment style, upbringing. Therapy can help you be more engaged in healthier relationships.”


Eyes woman smiling with blue eyes and brown hair
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One most liked comment was, “I am such a sucker for smiley eyes. Every one of my GFs has had smiley eyes, and I just realized this like a year ago.”


Posture woman in warrior one pose by water on a deck
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A person commented, “Great posture. Great posture can make up for a lot of other physical shortcomings.”

Another person replied, “I stayed after a swing dance class when the Tango artists arrived. One young woman was rather average, but when she struck her first pose, every single male eye in the room was riveted to her.”


Freckles woman with freckles
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A couple of users wrote, “Freckled face.”

A user added, “Oh, I freakin’ LOVE freckles! They’re cute!”


Hair woman with light brown hair smiling hand in hair
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One responded, “I scrolled through this whole thing at almost 300 comments, and no one said hair? Nicely styled hair of any variety immediately attracts me to anyone, regardless of gender. It shows me that you take your appearance seriously and have a sense of personal style.”

Her Smile

Smile woman smiling with hands under chin curly red hair
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A simple answer was, “A smile.”

Another added. “Yep, a genuine smile does it for me. However, the face can’t be a disaster.”

Physical Health

Physical Health fit woman fixing hair
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One popular answer was “Overall physical health.”

Another comment was, “Yes – I was going to say “if they look healthy.”


New Crush man and woman sitting on a couch looking at each other with flirty eyes.
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One funny comment was, “The answer is boobs.” -Michael Scott.”

Another person replied, “How did nobody answer “big B33bs”?”


Butt woman on the beach in a yellow bikini faceing the ocean with her arms over head
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A user commented, “When a girl walks up with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, I get sprung.”

Thick Thighs

Thick Thighs beautiful woman in black bathing suit
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A person replied. “Thick thighs are so hot.”

Another person added, “For me, at least, both. Chubby thighs are good, and muscular thighs are good. I just like a curvy, feminine shape. Can’t explain why. Nothing wrong with skinny women, plenty of people love that too, but it’s not for me.”

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