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Beyond Physical: Men Share The Things They Love About Women

Believe it or not, men appreciate and love women for qualities beyond the physical and sexual aspects. One of the biggest things men admire is a women’s emotional intelligence and empathetic nature, which allows for deep and meaningful connections. Men often find comfort in the nurturing and caring nature of women, appreciating their ability to offer support and understanding in times of need. They admire the way women navigate challenges with grace and determination.


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One user posted, “Their laughter, if it’s a woman you love, there is no sound sweeter, at least to me.”

Clingy In A Good Way

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A second user added, “When they hang on you, like you’re their rock, but in reality, it’s the reverse.”

Subconscious Touches

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A third user mentioned, “One of my exes had a habit, whenever we held hands, she would gently stroke/hold my arm with her free hand as well. It was unconscious on her part, and I loved it, another time I held her left hand with my right one (usually the other way round), and she went, “Oh nope, nope, nope, this feels wrong,” and did a cute little shuffle to my other side to hold my other hand.”

Mama Bear

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This Redditor said, “How tough and protective they can be when the sh****t hits the fan. It’s the mama bear mentality to protect anyone they love.”

Love Is Amazing

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A top-liked comment said, “Well, I’ll speak about my wife…. her ease of giving me her unconditional love. We’ve been married for 36 years, never raised our voices in anger and she says she gets butterflies in her tummy when she comes home from work to see me. We had that common couple conversation once about how in the event one of us died, we’d both want the other to find love again, and she said she doesn’t think she could date anyone because it wouldn’t be fair to them as she’d be comparing them to me all the time. Every time I think about that, I melt and want to wake up worthy of such adoration. Love is amazing.”

Love For Food

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A user shared, “I don’t know if all women do it, but my wife and past girlfriends have all done it. That little shimmy thing you guys do when we present you with food while you are comfortable. Absolutely love it.”

Passion In Their Voice

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A commenter mentioned, “When they are passionate about something and get excited, and they start talking super fast.  Then they apologize for talking so much even though I’ve been listening super intently because if they care about something so much, I want to hear why.”

Goofy Goobers

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A poster added, “The way they act like goofy goobers when they all get together. It’s the cutest thing to see them all happy and enjoy each other’s company.”

Sense Of Style

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One user said, “How they complement clothing styles and choices to anyone. I was getting my glasses fixed – suddenly the woman doing it said she liked my jacket and wanted to know where it was from. I was so startled. It made my entire day. That was like a year ago, and it still makes me happy.”


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A commenter posted, “Perspective. They have a wildly different perspective on people, the world, relationships, etc., than I do.


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This Redditor mentioned, “My current GF changed me. She accepted me as I am, all my vulnerabilities, inside and out.”


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A top-liked comment said, “I love how open-ended a conversation can be with them. Men always make roadblocks for certain topics or feelings, but women will share tea about anything and keep the secret casually if given the same respect. Most of my closest friendships have been with women.”


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One Redditor added, “Not to be a creep, but how they smell. Even when they’re sweaty for whatever reason, they still smell nice! For the most part, they wear way better-smelling fragrances than men, and their shampoo smells way better too!”

Baring Their Soul

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A Redditor added, “That look the ladies get in their eyes tells you everything you need to know about how they feel about you.”

More Caring

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This poster said, “They’re generally more caring in a way that the homies can’t do. I can’t explain the feeling, but sometimes you just have to express it to a girl you’re close with rather than a bro. It’s just different somehow.

Deep Conversation

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A user shared, “If you find one you can connect with, you’ll be able to talk for hours. Talking with a woman has a different flow than talking with a guy friend does.”


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A top-liked comment said, “They generally seem to have more empathy. That’s why my GP, therapist, psychiatrist, and dentist are all female. Using generalizations may be technically sexist, but ever since making those changes, things have been going far more smoothly for me.”


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This user divulged, “I have a girlfriend right now, and it’s the first time I’ve ever been completely honest about my feelings in my life. It’s incredible. I think I might marry her.”

Soft Spoken

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A Redditor commented, “Before I met my now girlfriend for our first date, we had a phone date, and she had the damn cutest voice I’d ever heard. I wanted to just listen to her all night. Still do.”


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Finally, a Redditor shared, “The genuineness of their emotions. They’re more rooted in that part of themselves than most men are encouraged to be/discouraged from being.”

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