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Will Men Ever Stop Doing These Terribly Irritating Things?!

Can you think of things men do that you wish they’d just stop? A few things come to mind, and I think, “They’ll never get it.”

Here are some top-rated responses.

Blaming Everything on Our Periods

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One woman expressed, “If we’re not all smiles thinking it’s because of a period.” Another shared, “I used to work with all men. One would always ask, ‘You aren’t smiling. Is it that time of the month?’ It was maddening.”

Weaponized Incompetence

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“Pretending to be incapable of learning how to do simple household tasks might win some of the battles around chores when your frustrated partner takes over all of it,” shared one. “But you’ll lose the war because nothing will murder her libido more than feeling like she has a sulky child for a partner.”

“There are plenty of guys who have highly technical skilled jobs but, when faced with living with another human being, can’t figure out how to make scrambled eggs, even with detailed instructions. Also, please clean up the pee stains you leave in the bathroom.”

Sending Unsolicited Pics

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Many women agreed that unsolicited pics are inappropriate and disgusting, leaving them feeling uneasy without soliciting consent. One asked, “I wonder if that’s worked for any man?” Fortunately, some men were equally appalled by that harmful mentality and shocked that guys dared to do it.

Treating Women Like an Entirely Different Species

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“Treating women like a different species from yours,” replied one. “We’re not a monolith. We have your exact human needs, even if our biology and upbringing differ. We have personalities, needs, and wants. We make mistakes and have the same moral failings all humans have. We’re not codes to be cracked.”

Expecting a Subservient Housewife Who Also Splits 50/50

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Someone answered, “Expecting women to take on the subservient housewife role then turn around and demand 50/50. If you have a traditionalist mindset, then be that and provide, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

Stop Supporting Sexist Friends

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“Please stop going along with your friends when they make sexist or demeaning remarks about women. So many of you know it’s wrong but laugh about it anyway because you’re afraid to call out a guy saying this.”

“It doesn’t make it any better when you privately tell us later that you disagree. On the contrary, it just makes you look like a coward,” one woman confessed.

Needing to Mentor Or Know More Than You

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One woman shared, “Not all men do this, of course, but when it does happen, it’s obnoxious in a subtle way. So often, when you join an interest or express interest in a subject, they get this weird need to mentor you.”

“It’s like they try to adopt you and put themselves into a position of being your teacher, and they think they’re being kind, but they end up talking down to you. It’s not inherently wrong to want to help someone, but maybe wait for a signal that they want and need the help.

Telling Me To Smile

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“Telling me to smile,” said one. A second added, “You’re so much prettier when you smile. It makes me want to start swinging.” A third said, “They tell you to smile and call you rude if you don’t, but if you smile, they think it’s flirting, and you get blamed for ‘leading’ them on.”

Getting Angry When They’re Told No

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“Getting angry when you reject them or say, no, I don’t want to do this/go here, etc. Also, when they turn every action into something sexual,” replied one.

“Ugh, I’ve had guys tell me I need to get some because I’m ‘in a mood’ or stressed out. Nope, no, thank you. I’m not into that and could not think of anything more stressful,” another confessed.


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“Catcalling us when we walk down the street,’ one woman replied. Another added, “Or honking at us. It’s not attractive, and I wish they would stop.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit list of things women wish men would stop doing. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Neon Moon.

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