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The Top 15 Things Women Wish Men Would Stop Doing – It’s Stupid and We’ve Had Enough

Women have long expressed a strong desire for men to stop engaging in certain behaviors that perpetuate inequality, gender stereotypes, and objectification. Women don’t need men to mansplain when they think women don’t understand something, and they want men to listen to their point of view and want the same respect while working a career. Ultimately, men must recognize women’s intelligence, expertise, and ability to perform the same tasks. 

Clean Your Hands

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One user shared, “Try to touch me with dirty hands. Go clean your talons first. Dirty hands and fingernails are a huge turn-off.”

Stop Flirting

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A second user said, “If a woman tells you she’s a lesbian when you’re flirting, it means one of two things: ⁠1: She is a lesbian. ⁠2: She is pretending to be a lesbian, so you’ll stop flirting with her. Either way, you should stop flirting.”

No Pictures Please

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A third user added, “Please stop sending d****k pics to random women online. It’s just straight-up creepy and gross. If a woman wants to see your d*ck, she’ll ask for a picture.”


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This user mentioned, “Abusing, harming or threatening harm to women who reject them. It’s not tough, and you don’t look cool.”

Don’t Be Mean

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A Redditor said, “Stop being mean to girls they find unattractive. It’s perfectly fine not to be attracted to someone, just don’t be an A because they don’t fit what your ideal woman looks like.”

Alpha Males

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This Redditor added, “Calling yourself an “alpha” or “sigma” male. You aren’t necessarily hurting anyone by doing it, but no one takes you seriously when you talk like that.”

Porn Only

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A top-liked comment said, “Thinking that what the guys in porn do is what we want. It’s not, I promise. Most of the “porn positions” are for show, not to actually be done in the bedroom.”

No Touching

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A poster said, “When you need to get past me, please don’t put your hands on my waist/hips/lower back to move me aside. Whether I know you or not, stop touching me.”

Not Your Job

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One Redditor commented, “Just because a woman is not smiling, it is not your job to change that. Especially leading with something along the lines of “Hey beautiful….” Super cringy.”


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A user posted, “Just shoving it right on in with little to no foreplay, thinking we want rough. There are times for that, but it’s not every time!”

Not Perfect Either

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This user added, “Thinking that being a woman is a reason for her mistakes. I was one of the only three girls in an engineering course. If I made a mistake, it was because I was a girl. But if my male coursemate made a mistake, it was because humans are not perfect, and next time he will do better.”

Violent Outbursts

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A poster said, “Confusing “expressing your emotions” with angry, violent outbursts. It’s OK to be upset. It’s not Ok to break stuff and go into a huge rage.”

Clean The Pee

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A top-liked comment said, “Leaving pee on the toilet seat or floor and not wiping it up. If you can’t hit the bowl, sit down like a little kid. It’s disgusting and infuriating sitting on a wet seat or seeing pee on the floor.”

Not Single

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A Redditor said, “Acting like they’re single while having a girlfriend. Like dude, stop it’s unreal how many men do this!”


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This user commented, “Dismissing our safety concerns and trying to gaslight us out of taking basic precautions.”

Placing Blame

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A poster shared, “Stop blaming women because they don’t want to sleep with you. Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy?  Why would any woman want to be around someone who thinks like that?”

Be Respectful

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A commenter said, “If a woman says she doesn’t want children, don’t respond by saying she doesn’t know better. I don’t know where you guys get off of telling a grown woman that she doesn’t know what she wants, but it needs to stop. If she doesn’t want children, respect her decision.”


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This user added, “Assuming that when we are in a mood, we have our period. We should ask men if “they’re on their period” when moody. Trust me. I know plenty of moody men.”

Stop Sensualizing

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A Redditor said, “Being addicted to porn and viewing everything women do as s****ualized. Ex. eating a banana, ice cream, spilling water on my shirt, wearing less clothing because it’s hot outside, etc.”


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Finally, a user commented, “Acting like the Big Man of the Family, the provider, while being so needy that they can’t prepare toast or pot of coffee or pick out a pair of clean underwear for themselves.”

Female Redditors stated the need for engagement in respectful and equal conversations that values their point of view and allow them to share their perspectives as an equal rather than “just a woman.” Many responses hope that men abandon the enforcement of gender roles and stereotypes that will allow women to experience more meaningful self-expression and that help with children and household duties isn’t just a “female thing.”

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