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People Share Their Thoughts On 15 Perfect Castings In Film & TV

Perfect casting in TV and film is a blend of artistry and intuition that brings characters to life with unparalleled authenticity. It’s the enchanting moment when an actor’s essence seamlessly merges with the role they portray, creating a relationship that transcends the script. A perfectly cast actor embodies a character’s nuances, complexities, expressions, and gestures. 

King Joffery

Jack Gleeson
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A poster shared, “The entire cast is phenomenal, but my God, nobody could’ve made me hate King Joffrey more than Jack Gleeson! He even has such as punchable face.”

Tommy Shelby

Cillian Murphy
Image credits: Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

A second user added, “I still can’t believe Cillian Murphy almost wasn’t cast as Tommy Shelby on Peaky Blinders. He was perfect for this role.”

Marcia Brady

Christine Taylor
Image credits: Depositphotos s_buckley

This user commented, “All the cast in the Brady Bunch parody movies really nailed their part, but Christine Taylor and Jennifer Elise Cox, who played Jan, were hands down the best!”

Schitt’s Creek Ensemble

Dan Levy
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A highly-liked comment was, “The entire cast of Schitt’s Creek, they were phenomenal! Especially casting Catherine O’Hara as Moria. No one would’ve been able to handle such an iconic role the way this queen did!”

Parks & Rec Cast

Nick Offerman
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One person wrote, “My go-to example for perfect casting is Parks and Rec. Those people ARE their character, and you can’t tell me otherwise. I mean, Nick Offerman and Ron Swanson are there same person. Let’s be real. From the leads to recurring roles to walk-ons, it’s the best display of casting for me.”

The Golden Girls

bea arthur
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A top-liked comment said, “The Golden Girls cast. This is the only truly correct answer. This show was way ahead of its time and proved to be a timeless phenomenon. The four of them were consummate professionals and had it in spades. It was like having 4 Lucille Balls.”

Hocus Pocus

Bette Midler
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One user commented, “Not to say that Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy didn’t crush their roles as Winifred and Mary, but I generally don’t care much for SJP in a lot of films, but damn, did she knock it out of the park in Hocus Pocus as Sarah!”

The Genie

Robin Williams
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Someone commented, “Robin Williams as The Genie. This was perfect. I wasn’t a big fan of Robbin Williams all the time because it felt like he over-acted to me. But he was made for this role.”

The Joker

Heath Ledger
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A popular comment was, “Heath Ledger as The Joker. I hated this casting so much when it was announced…. Then came out of the theater in awe with humility.”

Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks
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One poster said, “Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, no one else on planet Earth could have brought this character to life as Hanks did.”


Hugh Laurie
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This user replied, “Hugh Laurie was amazing as House. He did small things, like throwing the ball or balancing it on a stick… I always wondered if those were written in and he had to learn them, or did he just become the character and use skills he already knew?”

Patrick Bateman

Christian Bale
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A person suggested, “Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman. I read the book before I watched the movie, and I do not kid when I say Christian Bale looked/acted exactly how I imagined Patrick Bateman to be. It was the most perfect casting I’ve ever seen for a book-turned-movie!”

Don Draper

Jon Hamm
Image credits: Depositphotos bossmoss

This user added, “Jon Hamm as Don Draper. If you read the pilot script, it becomes especially apparent how sublime this casting choice was.”

Scooby-Doo Movie Cast

Matthew Lillard
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A commenter stated, “The Scooby-Doo movie cast. I just watched it again after not having watched it since I was a kid. The casting is absolutely spot on – especially Matthew Lillard as Shaggy!”

Cruel Intentions

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe
Image credits: Depositphotos Jean Nelson

This poster recalled, “I loved everything they did, especially when I was a teenager, but Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe as Kathryn and Sebastian in Cruel Intentions is still to this day what I think rich, white, trust-fund kids who grew up in NYC are!”

The Matrix

Keanu Reeves
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Finally, a commenter said, “Keanu Reeves as Neo! The whole cast, basically. But Keanu was it.”

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