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Time To Reevaluate: Users Share The Moment They Realized Their Relationship Was Over

There comes a time in many relationships when one partner realizes it is time to move on. It might be a sudden epiphany or a slow, dawning realization, but its weight is undeniable. Then, sometimes, our partners make it very easy for us to see this moment by getting caught or admitting to doing something so heinous that it makes for an easy breakup. 

That’s News

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One user said, “About 1 year in, he told me he was about to get full custody of his son. I didn’t know he had a son.”

Close Call

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A second user added, “A little over a year into our relationship. I discovered she lied about getting an STD test. She had more than one STD, which somehow I tested clean for.”


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A top-liked comment said, “She would lie about tiny, inconsequential things. Made me question my own perception of truth and self-instinct. Eventually caught her in a lie, and she denied it even when presented with full proof. It wasn’t something huge, but it was something that opened my eyes a little.”

To Serve His Country

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This user recalled, “Out of nowhere, a year into being married, he said he wanted to join the Marine Corps. He also wanted me to drop out of law school, give birth to babies, care for his mother, and run a household, all while he was deployed—hard pass.”

Gas Lighting

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This Redditor added, “Found his hidden folder on his phone. Blackmailed girls for nudes and stole nudes from girls. Pretended to be someone else and se****ted his sister without her knowing it was him. Constantly made me feel like I was crazy or overreacting.”

Hid It Well

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A poster commented, “That he was doing meth up until after our first son was born. I don’t know what I was more shocked about, him doing meth or the fact he was able to hide it so well.”

Cheating & Lying

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This user added, “She was cheating on me and lied about being psychologically abused by her father.”

Finance & Murder

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A user commented, “She lied about being financially responsible and was formulating a plan to murder me.”

Time To Break Up

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One Redditor shared, “Recently found out that my girlfriend carries a knife with her at all times. Today, my girlfriend told me that every time we argue. She wants to stab me.” 

Hidden Weapons

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A commenter recalled, “I had a girlfriend that was mentally abusive toward me and would always tell me she would kill me. After months of this, I decided to move out without her knowledge. When I was taking my bed apart, I found a butcher knife under my mattress.”

Majored In Lying

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A Redditor added, “He lied about where he went to undergrad. I suspected it while the relationship was ongoing, but after he moved out, I found some stuff he left that included transcripts from a different university than he’d claimed. It wasn’t even in the same country. I’m fairly sure most of the stories he told about his childhood were lies.”

Hides It Well

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This user said, “She had been in contact with her exes, met them, and regularly cheated on me with whomever. Eight years, she was really good at hiding her tracks. I only found out because I contracted an STD (curable, fortunately) from her.”

Just Enough

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One user posted, “My husband, sober from drugs and alcohol, had been using cocaine monthly for 15 years. Just enough to maintain, apparently.”

The Final Straw

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A Redditor stated, “He hid a few Xanax addictions/withdrawals- forgave him. He stole $4,000 from our joint savings that only I contributed to – I forgave him. He se***ted and was trying to meet up with random women, which made me realize I should probably leave….”

Don’t Sleep Tight

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A commenter said, “We live together. We work together. We share a car. We haven’t spoken for 3 days, and she’s sleeping in the other room because I accidentally texted, “Good night, sleep tight” instead of just “Good night” because I was the one going to bed, not her. So in her mind, that text must have been meant for another girl.”

Never Broke It Off


This user shared, “1 year in, I found out his ex-girlfriend was actually still his girlfriend. We broke up with him together and became great friends.

Financial Status

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This poster mentioned, “After s****x, a former girlfriend asked me, “Baby, how much money do we get when your parents die?”


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A user commented, “My husband’s mistress showed up on our porch the night before our tenth anniversary….”

Alcohol Dependence 

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This Redditor commented, “I found out he likes to contact escorts when I’m on vacation with my family but blames it on being a drunk loser so that I can throw him a pity party. That and the fact that going out to bars and getting drunk constantly at the beginning of our relationship wasn’t just the fun of getting to know each other but something he enjoys any second he has a chance.”

Wish I Knew Sooner

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “The weekend we got engaged, he slept with my sister. Sure, it would have been nice to find out before the wedding… but nope, a week after my daughter was born is when I stumbled on the news.”

Source: Reddit

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