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New Parent Woes: Family Comes To Help With The New Baby & Causes Trouble

The new dad invites his opinionated parents to stay with them for a week after his wife gives birth to their first child.

We know that the time after you welcome a baby into this world is a special time for bonding and adjusting to your new life as parents. Did this husband take it too far by inviting his parents over to stay a week after his wife gave birth?

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This husband took to the Reddit threads to ask the internet if he was being unreasonable to his wife by allowing his parents to come for an extended stay after his wife gives birth.

Husband says wife has been extra hormonal lately, and that’s why things have gotten out of hand.

After Birth

The original poster (OP) began explaining that he missed seeing his parents for the holidays because they live in a different state, and his wife is in her third trimester. OP went on to say that his parents have been calling him often and complaining about not seeing him for the holidays, and he needs to make it up to them.

OP said he was open to suggestions on how to make it up to them. The parents said they’d like to stay with OP, his wife, and their newborn for a week after the baby is born.

OP agreed to this, thinking it was a great idea because they hadn’t seen each other in several months, and this way, his parents could spend time with them and the baby. OP said that his wife began discussing her plans post-birth, and it dawned on him that he had not mentioned his parents coming for an extended stay.

OP shared that his wife was in shock and then “freaked out” on him, saying that his family can be a lot of work and that having guests right after giving birth is the last thing she wanted to do.

OP told his wife it was no big deal and they could use help. Op’s wife said the first few days of a newborn’s life are essential for bonding. It’s an intimate time between them for relationship building with their newborn, which is now being taken away because of his parent’s arrival.

OP argued that she was being melodramatic because his family is decent people, and he’s pretty sure they’ll make this experience a lot warmer.

The Outcome

OP’s wife said if they were decent people, they wouldn’t have accepted his invite, but OP was quick to say that he just agreed to their suggestion of coming because they wanted something in lieu of them not being able to spend the holidays with them.

OP’s wife told him to cancel the visit and has stopped talking to him, and OP is refusing to uninvite his family. 

The Masses Respond

Redditors were quick to point out the OP maybe should rethink this whole visit. This time it looks like the masses agree that he should have run this by his wife and asked her opinion.


A second Redditor said, “Honestly, I think the fact that she would have just given birth is irrelevant. You don’t invite anyone to stay at your home without at least running it by the person you live with before you issue the invitation! This guy is totally the AH.”

A third Redditor dropped this, “You stated your wife and your parents are on good terms. I suspect most likely because your wife is more gracious than you realize. Your heavily pregnant wife did not want to travel, so your parents double down and “demand” you both MAKE IT UP TO THEM for carrying your child and being too heavily pregnant to visit comfortably? How selfish. Tell your parents yes, and they can come after the baby is born at an agreed-upon time (by you and your wife) of your choosing! YTA. As well as your parents.”

Finally, a Redditor added, “To add to this op seems avoiding conflict and placing the blame everywhere else is downright cowardice when your wife should rightfully expect you to have her back. You’re about to have a child together, but you care more about what your family thinks and wants over your wife and child. You didn’t even run it by your wife first. YTA 100%.”

Source: Reddit

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