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Top 15 Obvious Giveaways That You’re Being Cheating On

Recognizing signs of potential infidelity in a romantic relationship can be a difficult and sensitive task. These signs will certainly vary depending on the individual and the context. There are, however, a few common indicators that might give you reason to question what’s going on.

A Change In Patterns

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A poster shared, “Change in patterns, normally my ex would go to sleep before me, but all of a sudden she would go to bed later than me and actively encourage me to go to sleep.”

Noticed The Small Things

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A second poster added, “When I was cheated on, my girlfriend started doing stuff she usually wouldn’t—just small stuff. For example, both of us used to listen to Korean music all the time, but suddenly she started to only listen to Spanish music out of the blue. We also used to swim often, but suddenly she lost all interest in that and started playing tennis instead.”


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A third poster commented, “You know the signs. We just don’t want to accept them at first and give them the benefit of the doubt. But it is disengagement. They seem not to be around as much. They seem to be indifferent.  It usually means they have someone else or want to start transitioning out.”

Reacts Negative To Affection

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One user shared, “They start caring more about their appearance but react negatively to your affection.”

Personal Grooming Habits

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Someone added, “She started grooming down there again when we hadn’t had s***x in years by her own choice while claiming she was doing it for herself (she was not a clean-cut person, so it was really out of character) I found the pics, to a “friend” later.”

Picking Fights About Non-Issues

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This person recalled, “Picking fights about stupid things to make you look like the bad guy and giving her an “excuse” for why she’s doing what she’s doing. My ex-wife blew up at me at the airport because they wouldn’t let us take some marinade with us in a carry-on after I told her they wouldn’t let us take it, but she bought it anyways.”

Toilet Seat Left Up

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A commenter posted, “Seeing the toilet seat up at her apartment. Sadly it was a real-life lesson. She denied it. Like… Did she expect me to believe she was leaving it up?”

Lingerie You Never See

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A top-liked comment said, “Buying matching underwear that she doesn’t wear for you. We went shopping for lingerie, and I never saw her wear it once.”

Changes In Behavior

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This poster added, “Absurd excuses that make no sense. “I can’t see you today. Wanted to read a book,” but it’s Friday evening, and this party animal never read a thing.”

Poor Excuses

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A user recalled, “I would have been on time to your birthday dinner with your family, but I got stuck late at work and didn’t want to come until I brushed my teeth, so I had to stop and buy a toothbrush. The only place I could think of was across town. That’s why I’m here late and freshly minty breath”. She and I weren’t even together. She wanted to be with me, but I told her she needed to be honest about her drinking. She thought it was about guys, so she’d lie to me even though I didn’t care or want to know anything. If you’re going to lie to me, just don’t say anything.”

Low Libido

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A top-liked comment said, “Suddenly throws at you old things you did that hurt their feelings to justify keeping you at arm’s length or all the sudden inexplicably have “low-libido,” “tired,” multi-week periods, fake periods, etc., to avoid intimacy.”

Becomes Suspicious

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This person said, “She goes to great lengths to hide their spending, travel, whereabouts, phone, etc. Inexplicably and suddenly suspicious of you…including taking a lot of interest in your phone/computer/car/credit card.”

Getting Her Fitness On

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A user posted, “All of a sudden, she got into fitness and going to the gym. She started taking lots of pictures of herself that I wasn’t in, and she wasn’t posting them anywhere.”

Making Up Reasons

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This person commented, “Makes up reasons to stay late for study/work groups and can’t explain what they are preparing for.”

Wiped From Digital Existence

One commenter recalled, “Wiped me from her social media and changed her social media behavior in a way designed to make herself appear independent or to seek attention.”

I Was Wrong

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Finally, a poster shared, “Comments on old content for men who weren’t in her “friends” when the content was created. Started getting lots of Facebook notifications that a random dude I’d never heard of ‘liked’ a photo that I was tagged in. I noticed that all of the photos were ones that my ex-wife had posted of the two of us together. Then I noticed that this guy had ‘liked’ every photo she’d ever posted that had herself in it. I asked her what this guy’s deal is. She told me that he’d added her as a friend after they got into a comment exchange in a Facebook group about veganism and that he was messaging her a lot which she was a bit annoyed by, but she was trying to be friendly. I figured it was nothing to worry about. I was wrong.”

Source: Reddit

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