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Top 15 Traits Men Confess Drive Them Wild!

Each person has their unique preferences and factors that capture their attention and arouse their interest. That said, attraction and what turns a man on about women can be highly subjective and vary from individual to individual though. However, there are some common factors that tend to pique men’s interest. Physical appearance often plays a role, with men being visually stimulated by various aspects such as facial features, body proportions, and personal style. A confident woman can also alluring, as it showcases self-assuredness and charisma. Intelligence and a good sense of humor are also often valued as well.


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One user said, “Hair. Be it super healthy, thick straight hair, wild curls, or in some crazy chaotic hairstyle, even those hipster mullets, I just really love hair that stands out in some way.”

Bubbly Personality

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A second user added, It’s always this warmth, sunshine feeling that some girls exude. Obviously not all but the bubbly girls really get me.”

Forever Burnt Into A Memory

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A third user shared, “When I was first going out with my now wife, over 30+ years ago now, I saw her walking out of a room and she turned and looked at me and smiled when she saw me looking at her. The way her beautiful brown eyes glistened and the way her shoulder-length dark hair swayed as she turned is forever burnt in my memory. I probably should tell her that sometime.”


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This commenter posted, “When my girlfriend blushes. One of the first things I noticed about her and said to her, even before asking her out, was, “So…you kind of blush a lot around me, huh?”

Which…really didn’t help matters.”

Position Of Power

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Someone added, “It really turns me on when a middle-aged woman wearing a business suit and heels puts her hands on her hips and tells me she is very disappointed with me.”

Not By Strangers

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A top-liked comment said, “I don’t get turned on unless I know them. Looking at a stranger, I don’t get aroused. I do find certain people attractive and even certain things attractive but it isn’t a turn-on. I have to actually know they to get turned on.”

Gentle Touching

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This poster commented, “If a girl lightly touches my arm while talking to me or brushes her hand over my bicep or shoulder.”

A Real Woman

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Someone said, “I don’t know why but the little stomach pudge when they wear dresses is so attractive to me. That’s a real woman in my opinion.”

Overall Vibe

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A user stated, “The vibe she radiates, her behavior, and, of course, I appreciate her body. A certain flair of healthy masculinity helps too.”

Dark Features

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This person mentioned, “Petite, dark features with an air of intelligence. Bonus is a pencil skirt and a bossy attitude. Freud would have you believe anyone that looks like your mother but jokes on him. I’ve never seen my mother in a pencil skirt.”

Self Expression

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Someone added, “The first thing is, admittedly, looks (not just physical, but style). But, most importantly (and it plays into looks) is the vibe. Your style and how you present and carry yourself speak to your personality, since it’s a form of self-expression.

Shoulders, Eyes, Smile

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A top-liked comment said, “There are 3 things for me, and my girlfriend has it all. Shoulders, eyes, and smile. A wide smile makes me feel safe and unbelievably happy, the slightly piercing but soft eye movement, with slim or average-built shoulders, for me, if a girl has all of that, I’m falling over and swooning. (respectfully, of course)”


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A user stated, “Ferocity. My current girlfriend is my martial artist instructor’s daughter, and we have known each other since 13. We’re in our early 30s now. She’s always had this absolutely blistering inner fire. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. She is my equal or my better. There’s a burning in the energy of a woman that tells me she’s not the princess, she’s the fire-breathing dragon here to tear your castle down and dance on the ashes.”

Confidence Is Key

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This person mentioned, “Confidence, followed by s****x appeal or a sense of humor and cuteness. S****x appeal comes from the confidence and the sense of humor is a huge bonus.”

Her Walk

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Finally, a user shared, The way she walks. When she looks completely and utterly at home in her body, a sensuality to her movements.”

Source: Reddit

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