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Top 15 Worst Possible Things To Say During Any Breakup

Breakups are never easy, especially if you’re the one being broken up with. Emotions and tensions are usually at an all-time high, and both partners are going through a range of emotions, from anger, sadness, resentment, and maybe even relief. It’s best to say what you have to say and be done with it in situations like this. However, we know that breakups don’t always happen that way. Often times our anger may get the best of us, and we may lash out at our partner and say something so heinous and hurtful that it sticks with the person for a very long time, if not the rest of their life.

Miss Your Parents More

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One poster shared, “Two months after our breakup. She asked me if I missed her. I told her I missed her parents more than I missed her.”

I Don’t Love You

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A second poster added, “The worst I ever said was, “I’m not in love with you anymore.” I watched his heart break right in front of me. It was gut-wrenching because my words made him feel like that.”

I’m Happier Without You

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A third poster recalled, “The breakup wasn’t my choice, but when he tried a few weeks later to reconnect, I said, “Oh, I’ve been really happy since we’ve been apart. I don’t think I could get back together now.” It was the truth, and I just hadn’t realized it until the thought of taking him back filled me with dread.”

For The Best

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This commenter said, “She was breaking up with me, and I told her, “You know you are right, and I agree, we aren’t very compatible, and our relationship has been declining for some time.” Those were my true thoughts and feelings. I felt relieved when she broke up with me because I realized it was the best move for both of us.”

Don’t Leave Me

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A user added, “Please don’t leave. No one else will ever love me.” said by me sobbing in the open doorway of the new apartment of my wife of barely one year. My self-esteem was totally shattered. My life was over. There just was nothing left. She was kind but firm.”

Don’t Know What Commitment Is

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A top-liked comment said, “I was seeing this girl on and off because she wouldn’t commit to actually dating. I got sick of the yo-yo-ing, fired up Facebook Dating, and met my current girlfriend for drinks two days later. When the non-committal girl came back, I told her I was off the market and said, “I’m just looking for someone who knows what commitment is.” It must have hit a nerve because about six weeks later, she was pregnant.”

You’re Your Mother

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Someone said, “I told her, “You’re turning into your mother, and I hate that b*****tch.” I’m sure there was a more diplomatic way to phrase that, but 19-year-old me was out of f****ks to give at that point.”

Never Talk Again

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This person said, “She said, “This isn’t working out I think we should just be friends.” I replied, “Let’s never talk again. It’s probably best.”

That Was Helpful

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A user recalled, “I once ended a struggling relationship. A few months later, I got an email from the person, and it was pages of everything I had ever done wrong in the relationship. I realized that this was why the relationship had been struggling. All these things had been bothering my partner, and they had bottled them all up inside instead of talking to me about it. I simply responded to their email with, “Thank you, that was very helpful.”

Not Considering Your Feelings

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Someone divulged, “I got out of a long-distance relationship in November. Flew back home to see her, and she was too busy to see me while I was there. I let that bottle up the whole time, then when I got back home, I told her I needed a break, and it turned into a whole argument about how I was not considering her feelings. I said, “You’re right I’m not considering your feelings. For once, I’m considering mine and what’s good for my mental health.”

Flipping Out

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A commenter stated, “I had a partner who regularly threatened suicide if I left. She was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive. The last time she did this, she threatened to jump off our apartment balcony. I told her to “do a backflip on the way down so she can at least go out in style.” I left the apartment after that.”

You Need Therapy

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A top-liked comment said, “I told her, “You need therapy to be successful in relationships. You can’t even commit to owning a cat.”

Our Time Is Over

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This poster shared, “I just don’t enjoy our time together.” It was true. She was selfish and entitled. I wasn’t on guard when I should have been, and she kept asking why…I still feel bad about it because I believe that was the moment she knew there was no way we would ever work out, and she got off the phone a few seconds later before she started sobbing.”

But Not To Each Other

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A user stated, “I was in a very messy relationship. He wanted to continue. I was done. I looked him in the eye and said, “One day, we’ll come back here [to our hometown] and be engaged… and it won’t be to each other.” Literally could see his heart break.”

Everyone Will See

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Finally, a poster said, “I told my ex-husband he’d die alone because everyone would eventually see how horrible he was and abandon him. Considering the decade and a half of abuse…This was right after he accused me of faking my mom’s death. I went no contact directly afterward, got a protective order, and divorced him.”

Source: Reddit

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