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Top 15 Worst Ways To Ask A Girl Out On A Date

When it comes to asking a woman on a date, there are certain things you should always remember, like being polite, being complimentary, and don’t use foul or intimidating language. Unfortunately, some men and women just don’t know how to ask another woman out and completely fumble the opportunity when it presents itself!

Third Person

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One user said, “Send a text with those stupid asterisk third-person actions crap. For example, *hopes she says yes* *blushes* *looks away shyly* *faints with relief* it’s so weird. Don’t ever do that.”

Watch Someone Else Do It

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A second user added, “Hem and haw and stumble around it for months, then watch some other guy with a little more confidence walk away with her.”

Asking For Mom’s Approval First

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A third user posted, “I asked my mom if I can date you, and she said yes” Actually know someone that said it.”

You + Me = ….

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This commenter shared, “Point to her, point to yourself, then hump the air while grunting. I witnessed this. It DID NOT work.”

Via Rumor

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Someone divulged, “Asking your friends to spread a rumor that you like her. When the rumor reaches her, since she’s the new girl there, she doesn’t even know who you are and asks, “Who?” … while you’re standing within earshot but out of her sight so that everyone falls around laughing at you, and she just gets more confused. Source: Me.”

A Little Too Braggy

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A poster added, “On my way to CrossFit, some girls asked for donations for planned parenthood. I made small talk with one of the girls. At the end of it, she wrote her name on the paper and said, “If you ever need to contact me personally, here’s my name.” I realized as I was running to CrossFit this girl wanted me to ask for her number. Anyways, I shoot her a message on Facebook later. She gave me her number. I screenshotted her giving me her number, and was going to send it to some friends I had told about her. I went to send the screenshot to my friends. I sent it to her via Facebook message. She messaged me later, saying, “Sorry, I just realized how busy things are going to get with work and school over the next few weeks.” 

Listening To Friends

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One person shared, “Listening to a bunch of advice from a bunch of your idiot friends, then putting it all together and trying wayyyy too hard to be cool.”

A Poem, Excuse Me, A Sonnet

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A top-liked comment said, “Guy I went to school with became obsessed with this girl. He decided the best way to impress her was to write her a sonnet. “It’s not a poem! It’s a sonnet,” he would say. Anyway, he told her to meet him, and he wore a suit, carried roses, and read her the sonnet. She caught wind of this and never turned up. He cried.”

Friendly Stalking

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This person stated, “I got followed to my car late at night from the gym. The guy tapped me on my shoulder while I still had headphones in. I tried to deck him almost immediately, and he still asked me for my number.”

In Front Of An Audience

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A user mentioned, “I once asked out a girl while we both walked down a staircase. It was at the bottom, and there were people around, and some saw me asking her out. She said yes, but later told me that she only said so, only because there was an ‘audience.’ 

Baked Goods

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This commenter posted, “Had a friend bake dozens of cupcakes and frosted them so that they spelled out “Samantha, will you be my girlfriend?.” He presented these to her in front of her entire English class. I should add that he barely knew this girl, so this gesture was a tad… inappropriate.”

With A Gift

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One poster recalled, “Had a man who was old enough to be my grandfather ask me out by approaching my car on my lunch break (was a cashier then) and gave me Girl Scout cookies.

This is also how I learned not to eat in my car on my lunch break!”


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Someone shared, “After you’ve been pretending to be just her friend for months or years. Bonus if you get angry with her and post it on the internet when she refuses, including a laundry list of everything you’ve ever done for her.”

Exchange Contact Info

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A top-liked comment said, “My brother once asked out a girl by suggesting they “exchange contact information.” I literally cringed when he told me that. Needless to say, the date didn’t go well.

A Handshake

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Finally, someone added, “In high school, I walked up to a girl I liked and asked if she would go out with me while also extending my hand for a handshake… She laughed and said yes, but it was still super embarrassing, and when I thought about it later, I felt like an idiot. It lasted about a week.”

Source: Reddit

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