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People Share Their Top 16 Non-Physical Acts That Create Intimacy For Couples

When it comes to intimacy, people tend to think of physicality. However, there are various other forms of non-physical intimacy that people hold dear. Cuddling, for example, is not and tends to be a popular form of intimacy that people share. Another hugely popular one of intimacy is shared laughter and/or inside jokes. Meaningful conversation that helps develop emotional intimacy is also another form of intimacy that many people engage in. Finally, acts of kindness and “speaking” in your partner’s “love language” show care and thoughtfulness. Ultimately, these diverse forms of non-physical intimacy enrich relationships, reaffirming the value of emotional connection and the beauty of human interaction.

Rainy Day Cuddles

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One poster commented, “Cuddles on a rainy day snuggled on the couch watching a movie together. Maybe there’s comfort food cooking on the stove, or we just had a bowl of ice cream. Those are my favorite days.”

Watching Shows Together

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A second user shared, “We watch YouTube or Netflix just before we turn in, usually for 30 minutes or so. My husband reaches across our king-sized bed and touches my arm or rests his hand on my shoulder. I love it.”

Holding Hands

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A third user posted, “Holding hands is number 1 for me. I’m always holding my partner’s hand when we’re all walking around together. He equates it to “puppy love” as we’ve only been together a year, but I’ll be holding her hand until we’re old and wrinkled.”

Physical Contact

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A top-liked comment said, “I’m obsessed with, maybe even addicted to, being in physical contact with my boyfriend. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as he’s close and I can touch him! He’s just so comforting and loving.”

Touching While Asleep

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One person commented, “I can’t cuddle-sleep, it’s too hot. So after a little cuddle, I scootch over and flip on my tummy. Then I reach out my hand to hold my partner’s hand for the 1.5 seconds it takes me to fall asleep. Sometimes I wake up later, and we’re still holding hands. I pick that.”

Helpful Grooming

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This user recalled, “When my husband and I were dating, I used to have waist-length hair. After I’d shower and brush the big tangles out, we’d sit on the bed, and he would gently brush my hair. We’d use that quiet time to talk and enjoy each other’s company.”

Bragging About Your Partner

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A poster stated, “Not a touch thing, but I like to brag about my wife when she’s in earshot of the conversation. I think she likes knowing I’m her biggest fan.”

Mid-Day Naps

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One user mentioned, “Taking a nap together in the middle of the day. The absolute indulgence of it and the comfort of it being with your partner….There is nothing better.”

Being Naked Together

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A commenter divulged, “I love laying around or just being naked with my partner and talking. It’s like full vulnerability. No walls.”


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This user shared, “For me, it’s affirmations. Just hearing from my wife that I’m a good husband or that I’m doing a great job makes me feel loved. It’s wild how we guys can react intensely to the smallest act. My wife once told me she was proud of me, and I ugly cried for like 5 minutes.”

Head Scratches

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One poster lamented, “Having the back of my head scratched while driving when I didn’t even ask for it. I remember after I had broken up with a girl who would never even think about doing this (she told me girls don’t massage boys, boys, only massage girls), I was driving with my new girlfriend, and she just reached over and started doing this. I almost teared up.”

Deep Discussions

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A top-liked comment said, “Deep discussions about life. There’s nothing more intimate than knowing what people truly believe and why-and that they’re willing to be vulnerable with me without fear.”

Telling Your Partner They Make You Happy

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A person stated, “When you notice little things about each other that make you happy (and tell them). Bringing up things I’ve talked about in the past or that I’ve seemed concerned about to discuss or see how I’m feeling. Very open conversations that only deepen feelings.”

Ordering Food

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One user mentioned, “Ordering food for your partner when they’re alone. My ex-boyfriend and I did this a couple of times during the pandemic when we couldn’t see each other – he worked in an industry that blew up during COVID, so he was crazy busy. I’d order deliveries to his apartment or job, and he’d do the same for me when he was working late.”

Postcoital Snuggles

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A poster commented, “This is a new one on me. I experienced it for the first time a few weeks ago. We’d just finished doing “our time,” cleaned up, had some water, and laid down on the sofa facedown because exhausted and tired – was maybe like 4 in the morning. She laid down face down on top of me. It was so surreal, but I was so buzzed and felt insanely comfortable. Hope it happens again.”


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Finally, this person shared, “Hugging. I hug my wife whenever I come home for 10 seconds or more. We also kiss, 3 pecks, and a wink.”

Source: Reddit

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