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The Top 20 Most Despised Traits Couples Experience

When you find your forever person, many believe you are the perfect match to live happily ever after. Your traits and your partner’s traits match together serendipitously, and you’ll stroll off into the sunset to be happy forever. But, unfortunately, that’s not true! Even the happiest couples often have traits that just irk each other! The common question is, what is your SO’s worst trait?


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One angry Redditor commented, “His absolutely awful Italian impersonations he obnoxiously does in public just to embarrass the hell out of me. I get so annoyed, turn bright red, sweat profusely, and yell at him to stop, but that just makes him yell “eyyyy linguini,” etc. louder.”

Other Redditors found it hilarious, “I’m sorry for your plight, but as an Italian, this is the funniest goddamn thing I have read today. “Eyyyyyy Linguini” is now my catchphrase.” and “This is f****** hilarious, and I would never stop laughing.”

The Loading of the Dishwasher

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A popular comment read, “She fills the dishwasher all wrong. It’s like she’s never played Tetris before.”

Another user added, “WHY CANT PEOPLE FILL THE DISHWASHER? My GF and my housemate are astonishingly **** at it. I have a moment of white-hot rage every time I see it before realizing it doesn’t actually matter that much.”

Closed Up

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One serious Redditor responded, “He doesn’t open up to me until he comes to his breaking point.”

A second Redditor tried to give some not-so-helpful advice, “My grandpa told me a tip on how he got my grandma to open up regularly: deliberately and consistently make her mad until she wanted to talk about everything.”

Walks Away While Talking

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A user commented, “Starts to say something to me while walking away. All I hear is, “Hey, don’t forget to hakfnwnaldnwsmf.” I’m looking around trying to decipher what the hell he just said to me, and start making **** up. He’ll get mad when he has to repeat himself.”

Another user added, “Mine does this all the time. Like, dude, you’re facing away from me in a public space where there are other noises; I can’t hear what’s coming out of your mouth. I just stopped responding, and if I didn’t hear it, he can’t complain that I didn’t do it, right?”


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A most-liked comment was, “My SO overextends herself and volunteers for everything. Halloween decoration and science fair project coordinator at the school for the 1st grader? Sure! Then cries at home the night of it.”

A second Redditor added, “Yep! My SO constantly gets upset about how there’s “Never enough time,” and every time, I’m like, “If you went one week without agreeing to stupid sh** you don’t need to do, you’d have all the time you need.”

Wet Towels

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One Redditor simply commented, “Leaves her wet towels on the bed.”

Another angry Redditor wrote, “Towels on the bed? Not that bad. My wife, though… always uses my towel. We have two towels in the bathroom. She uses hers, throws it down the laundry chute, and instead of grabbing a new towel the next day, she uses mine. Which means if I don’t check, I have no towel. I tell you, man… nobody can prepare you for marriage.”

Expiration Dates

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One user wrote, “He is the strangest combination of expiration date nazi and human iteration of a rubbish heap. If ANYTHING has met or exceeded the suggested “sell by” date, he’ll toss it, even if it’s still good. Expensive jar of almond butter? Barely used condiment? Bottle of apple cider vinegar? Bag of almonds? Those are all history, unless I can liberate them before he tosses them. Drives me nuts when I go to find something later, only to find it was thrown away.

However, this habit does not extend to anything without an expiration date printed on it. He will leave leftovers in the fridge until they’re even too far gone to be a decent penicillin experiment.” 

Another funny comment was, “As god as my witness, my girlfriend once tried to throw away salt we had bought three months ago because she thought it was expired.”

Delays Washings

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A Redditor replied, “She doesn’t rinse off her cereal bowls. If you rinse your cereal bowl right away, it cleans so easily… if you leave it, though, the cereal gets all hard and stuck to the plate. It turns a 5-second rinse job into a 2-3 minute one.”

A second Redditor agreed and said, “Ugh, wife does this with every ice cream scoop. If you just rinse it under warm water right away, it’s clean again.”

Internal Conversations (Out Loud)

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One funny comment read, “She seems to not always be wholly aware of why it’s called an internal monologue.”

Another person said, “My husband has conversations with himself all the time. But whenever I have a conversation with myself or with the cat, he’ll call from the next room, “I can’t hear you!” Never fails.”

Rewinds Everything

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An annoyed Redditor commented, “She can’t watch anything without stopping it and rewinding it over and over, either because she wasn’t paying attention or she wants to read some silly detail. It usually takes at least twice as long to watch anything.”

Another Redditor added, “My GF does the opposite. She will fast forward through parts that she doesn’t like. The only issue is she doesn’t like a lot of things. Anything awkward? Skip. Anything sad? Skip. Anything slightly unappealing to the eye? Skip. This wouldn’t be so much of an issue if it wasn’t so frequent, and those are usually the moments with the biggest plot points.”

Plot Twist

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One comment was, “She’s really good at figuring out movie plots, so she can spoil a movie without ever having seen it before.”

Another comment said, “Guilty. My boyfriend hates watching trailers with me now because I’ve ruined a few movies now by correctly guessing the plot from the trailer/description. La La Land was the most recent victim.”


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One user replied, “He’s indecisive as F***. I love my husband with all my heart, but whyyyyy do I have to park before we go into a drive-through so he can look at a menu on his phone before he orders the same thing he gets every. Other. Time.”

Another person added, “This is also my GF. But after she decides on something, she will ask, “Was that the right decision? What if my decision was wrong?” for up to a day.”

Snooze Button

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A very popular comment was, “She sets the alarm for an hour and a half before she needs to be up and just keeps hitting the snooze button. I might have to leave her over this (not really).”

Another most-liked comment read, “Guilty! If I only set one alarm, I turn it off and fall back asleep, so I set multiple and hit snooze. It doesn’t really make sense, but at least I eventually get up! Lol”

Doesn’t Tidy Up

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One Redditor wrote, “He is absent-minded when it comes to obvious “tidying up” things that most people do – so forgets to push in chairs, close doors, close cabinets and drawers, put his dishes in the sink, etc. Drives me insane.”

A guilty Redditor added, “Everybody in my family does this, including me. I always refer to it as clutter blindness (I can’t remember where I heard the term, but it’s accurate).”

Long Stories 

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An impatient user responded, “When he tells stories, he takes for-*******-ever to get to the point and sometimes forgets the point of the story in the middle of it. My worst trait: I am impatient.”

Another impatient user added, “Oh my goodness, this! This is my husband and me. I stole a quote from a friend of ours. “Land the plane.” After a while, I’ll start making airplane noises.”

Human Heater

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A sweaty user wrote, “He’s like a human heater and likes cuddling too much, so I end up waking up in the middle of the night literally sweating as he constantly rolls over to spoon me, which is really sweet until I almost get heat stroke.”

Another user replied, “I have the opposite thing occur, but I actually like it a lot. I am a space heater, and she is always cold. I also can’t sleep if I am the big spoon, so I roll over, and she spoons me. Makes me feel good.”

Bad With Money

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One Redditor replied, “His worst trait is terrible with money and planning. I’m organized and good at saving, so that’s my thing. My worst trait master procrastinator and slob. He’s more motivated and finds cleaning relaxing, so that’s his thing. Just find someone who is the opposite of you in all the right ways.”

Socks Off

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A user commented, “She takes her socks off in bed but leaves them down by her feet under the covers. Once a week, I have to go down there and get them all out, or else they start to slide over to my side.”

Another user added, “My husband takes his socks off on his side of the bed and leaves them on the floor like a crumpled pile of used socks until there are so many they start to push under the bed.”

Night Farts

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A Redditor responded, “Night farts. it’s like he saves them all day for me to enjoy when I’m trying to fall asleep.”

Another annoyed Redditor replied, “My husband’s intestines are so on point that he starts farting exactly 2-3 minutes before his alarm goes off in the morning. Preparing for a morning terd I guess. He doesn’t know it, but the stink is a pre-warning for me. Wakes me up gagging every time.”


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One person wrote, “He snores. And I’m not talking “Roll him over, and he stops” snores. It’s more a “consider building a sound-proof tiny house in the backyard and flipping a coin to see whose new bedroom it will be” kind of snoring. No matter what doors are closed in our house, I hear it.”

Another person added, “My hubby and I sleep in separate rooms for about half the year due to snoring from allergies. People find it weird, but I have chronic insomnia, and I’m not giving up a good night’s sleep just to hear him snore.”

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