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Top 15 Instant Turn-Off People Read On a Woman’s Dating Profile

When men browse women’s online dating profiles, certain phrases and descriptions of potential partners can become instant turn-offs. Things such as excessive negativity or bitterness can be off-putting. Men may be discouraged by profiles focusing solely on past disappointments or listing specific traits they dislike in potential partners. An overly demanding or entitled tone can also be a red flag. Men might be hesitant when encountering profiles with a long list of prerequisites for potential matches, as it may signal a lack of flexibility or understanding. Finally, a lack of effort in crafting the profile can be a turn-off. Incomplete or generic profiles may give the impression of disinterest or lack of seriousness about the dating process.

Being A Princess

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One user said, “If I see something along the lines of, “I’m a princess” or “I want to be treated as a princess,” that’s an instant swipe left.”


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A second user added, “This has become a trend I’ve seen recently, when a woman has in her profile something along the lines of, “I’ll probably hate you.” Instant red flag for me.”

Any Good Dating Profiles?

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A third user shared, I absolutely hate seeing, “Are there any good men left?” That right there tells me her personality drives off good men.”


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Someone stated, “ There are so many to choose from… but here are two: ⁠”Fluent in sarcasm, so if you can’t deal with it, don’t bother” and ⁠long lists of their must-have qualities in men. No thanks.”


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A user posted, “This person said, “All my friends say I’m crazy, lol! Translation: you and your friends are earth-shatteringly dull.”

List Of Requirements

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This commenter added, “When a woman lists trillions of requirements that only men who are human Ken dolls can fill the checklist.”

High Maintenance

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A person mentioned, “I often see, “High Maintenance” Why would you be proud of that, and what moron would seek that in a partner?”

Well, Duh

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A top-liked comment said, “I simultaneously love but hate seeing “Love having fun.” No sh*t, most people do. Isn’t having fun in a relationship a big part of being in a relationship?”

Emoji Descriptions

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A user said, “If they have a long list of emojis that are supposed to represent different aspects of their personality. I see you’re part dolphin, and you really like the number 100?  And double nope if one of those emojis is their astrological sign.”

Field By Drama

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Someone shared, “I don’t like drama.” When I see that, to me, it means drama fuels me. That’s an absolute no go for me. Easy pass.”

Don’t Be Judgemental

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This user stated, “A new one is “Don’t judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.” Listen lady, if there is one thing I will never change, it is the feeling of self-satisfaction I get when I judge strangers for superficial reasons. Aint no woman special enough for me to change.”

Being Defensive

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A top-liked comment said, “Any defensive “don’t judge me!” statement immediately implies huge insecurities and that they have a reason to be defensive.”


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This poster commented, “Message me, I won’t talk first” alright, miss entitled. How self-absorbed does someone need to be using an online dating site to say that?”


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This user stated, “Anything that you feel strongly enough about to write about in all caps in a combative way to open your profile. How do people still not understand internet etiquette?”

Ok, Cinderella 

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Finally, a user shared, “First, “Treat me like a princess!” always makes me chuckle. My next thought is, why do you think you deserve such treatment? Then, do you know how princesses nowadays are treated? Like normal women in most countries and like broodmares and commodities in others. If you want to be a Disney princess? Get a job at Disneyland.”

Source: Reddit

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