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Top 10 Traits That Instantly Send Women Packing

What has a man done in your dating past that instantly turned you off? Can you think of things that make a man insanely unattractive to you, but they have no clue they do them? Recently someone polled the internet, and these were the top-voted answers to that question.

If They are Bad or Absent, Fathers

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“This is a little more specific,” shared one. “But anytime I find out that a single man is an inadequate or absent father, it immediately turns me off.”

If All Their Exes Are “Crazy.”

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“In my younger years, I was too naive and got into an abusive relationship where his exes were all supposedly crazy and took advantage of him. It turns out he had the qualities he accused them of,” shared one. Another added, “Any man who says that is giving you a huge red flag to a harmful mentality. Heed the warning.”

If They Tell Dirty Jokes When You’re Not That Close

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“Especially during serious conversations where cracking jokes would be highly tone-deaf,” assured one. “But they go a step further and crack a dirty joke in a way that makes everyone in the conversation wince.”

If They Tell Me They’re a “Good Guy.”

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Someone suggested, “Tell me they are a good guy and proceed to explain why. If you are a good guy, I don’t need to be sold on it.”

If They Avoid Tough Conversations

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“Avoiding tough conversations,” one volunteered. “Another agreed, “Yup. If a man immediately shuts down, makes every relationship conversation an exhausting pain in my butt, or goes into a teenage ‘, I can’t do anything right. You’re so mean I’m going to list all your faults!’ spiral.”

If He Is Rude

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“Being rude in general. It’s just not cool or attractive,” replied one.

Bad Breath

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“Bad breath. A guy at work had horrible-smelling breath every day. His name was Brad. He quickly became bad breath, Brad,” one replied.

If They Refer To Themselves as an Alpha Male

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“Whenever I hear a man say that phrase, it makes me cringe. It’s like someone saying they are a nice person like you don’t need to say it if it’s evident,” shared one. “It’s amusing that this is a behavioral model based on animals, not humans. One that is largely misunderstood.”

Not Cooking or Cleaning

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Someone volunteered, “Not being able to cook or clean is a major turn-off. Those are life skills. I don’t think you need to be a master chef or have an immaculate house. You must know your way around the kitchen, and cleaning is necessary.”

Poor Hygiene

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One person claimed, “Poor hygiene for real. It is important! I could be attracted to a guy, but when I notice his gross hygiene, I will lose interest in a nanosecond.”

Source: Reddit

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