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Unspoken Awkwardness: Men Reveal 21 Uncomfortable Remarks from Women

Interpreting messages can be challenging, especially in conversations with the opposite gender. That’s why it’s crucial to prioritize direct communication, even if it may not align with the recipient’s desires. Awkwardness often arises in verbal exchanges between men and women, regardless of their state of sobriety, leading to unintended or uncomfortable outcomes.

Say My Name

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One poster shared, “ I hooked up with a girl and saw her out again at a bar a week later. We start flirting and went to my car to fool around. Not a minute into it, she starts saying, “Adam, I love you. I love you, Adam” This was literally our second time together. And my name’s not Adam.”

I Want You To Want Me

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A second poster recalled, “Just a day ago, a girl I liked said “I wish I could want you like you want me” She wasn’t drunk either.”

Seductive Salad

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A third poster added, “I still don’t understand it. She was drunk. I was drunk. We just met. We flirted. We were on a friend’s front porch, waiting for that friend to come back with food. We kept flirting, but neither one of us made a move. We were also getting hungrier and wondering what food our friend would bring back. We hoped for pizza and salad from this trendy pizza place nearby. Somehow, the two desires (hunger and flirting) got crisscrossed in her head. She turned towards me, leaned close, gazed into my eyes, and in a seductive voice said, “If I was salad, how hard would you eat me?”

Mind In The Kennel

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This user said, “I had a girl in high school tell me that no one would date me because I am too much like a puppy, and no one wants to have s****x with a puppy, which would be hurtful and not that weird except that she then followed it up with “But I have s****x with puppies…”

All That She Wants

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A commenter posted, “I was 19. She was 35. After s****x, she asked me if I would do it again but not use a condom. She said I didn’t have to be in their life if I didn’t want to. She just wanted a baby.”

Cheap Furniture

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This poster shared, “I was shopping with 3 of my soon-to-be roommates for college. We saw a cheap table (ones that are plastic that fold down), and because we are poor college kids, I mentioned that we should get it for our house. Out of nowhere, some girl turns the corner and yelled, “I can be y’all’s table!”  Still not 100% sure what it meant.”

Be The Bigger Man

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Someone said, “As we are watching p****rn together, she leaned in and said to me, “You’re bigger than him (the p****rn guy). Then proceeded to say, “Oh, wait, he’s getting harder. Wow. Ok, never mind.”

Heartbreakingly Awkward

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Someone added, “An ex of mine said, “I wish I loved you..” This was kinda heartbreaking and awkward. She was drunk. I’ll never forget this.”

Marry, Not Date

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A top-liked comment said, “I was in college at a party. I started a conversation with this girl, and after 5 minutes, she said, “You’re a guy I would marry, not date in college.” Uhhhh, thanks, I guess.”

Not Ready

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This user said, “I had a girl say she couldn’t date me because she could see a long and healthy relationship with me, and she wasn’t ready for that.”

Just Need You

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A commenter posted, “A girl that wanted to date me said, “I don’t need a smart, handsome, or funny man.” “I just need you.” Really sets the stage for a long, happy relationship, no?”

Your Eyes

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This user recalled, “I had a woman tell me I had pretty eyes. Then she said she wished she could cut them out and make them her own. I didn’t know if she meant to put in her head somehow or to keep as a souvenir. She didn’t sound like she was joking or anything.”

Awkward Silence

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A user shared, “Nothing. When I asked my wife to marry me, she froze for a few minutes. Eventually cried and said yes, but that silence lasted years in my head!”

Hubba Hubba

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One person added, “I once had this girl legitimately say “Hubba hubba” as we got to it. I immediately laughed, and she joined in. I made fun of her for about a week afterward.”

Serial Seriousness

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A top-liked comment said, “During s****x with a one-night stand, this girl said,  “You look like a serial killer when you make that face” followed by “Oh, come on! Don’t let that turn you off!”

A Nightmare

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A person recalled, “In an elevator with my friend (we’re both at college) and on our way to the 4th floor, the elevator opens on the second floor, and 3 girls enter. One of them says, “Oh boy, alone with 3 hot girls with nowhere to go? Bet this is a dream come true for you guys.”

Snot Gonna Happen

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This person shared, “I was at a bar, and a drunken older woman once told me I had such a cute nose that she wanted to suck on it.”

A Strong Proposition

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One user stated, “In the middle of making out, she said, “Pull my hair, I’m sturdy.” Nothing says seduction like a woman referring to herself as “sturdy.”

Keeps Going

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A poster commented, “Doing the dirty with a girl at the time. I was lasting longer than my usual 30-second self. After a little bit, she goes, “Wow, you’re still going? Are you a professional or something?” I thought it was a joke, so I laughed a bit. She was serious, though, and asked again, “Seriously, have you ever done porn? No guy has lasts this long.”


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Someone recalled, “A Female friend walks up to me at a party. I am having a conversation about interpreting dreams with another friend. She, with no trace of guile and completely innocent, says, “I keep dreaming about a snake entering a tunnel repeatedly.” “What do you think that means?”

A True Gift

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Finally, a user added, “An ex said, “I already bought your birthday present, so you can’t break up with me until at least after your birthday” We’d been dating for three months, and my birthday was still two months away, and I broke up with her a week later.

Source: Reddit

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