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Uncovering the Truth: Why He’s Hiding Social Accounts From His Girl

Is it considered inappropriate to request your partner to unfollow you on social media? Does it necessarily imply wrongdoing on your part? Or is it a matter of acknowledging that being on social media opens you up to anyone’s following, and thus you lack the right to ask someone to unfollow you?

This 32-year-old male is fed up with how his girlfriend (33F) constantly causes arguments with him over his social media activity. He doesn’t believe he’s doing anything wrong online, and it’s now where he doesn’t want her to follow him on any form of social media. 

If you have ever experienced relationship issues relating to social media, then this story may well be of interest to you. 

Block Her Online or From his Life Altogether?

The original poster (OP) explains that his girlfriend’s behavior is far from normal. This isn’t a story about a guy flirting with other girls online, and his girlfriend is uneasy about it, but rather about a guy whose girlfriend is stalking his female friends for no reason whatsoever.

OP says that his girlfriend accuses him of having an unacceptable interest in every single one of his female friends. Despite constant reassurance from OP, his girlfriend doesn’t believe him and spends her days constantly analyzing girls that follow him on Instagram. 

OP insists that he has done nothing to cause these feelings and wants to be able to relax while online. Due to the constant barrage of accusations, OP has taken the decision to deactivate his Instagram and delete his old Reddit account. 

All OP wants is a place online where he can be himself and interact with his friends, regardless of gender, without having to worry about his girlfriend. He wants to know whether he should create a couple of hidden accounts on different social media accounts or if he should stay off social media for good.

He insists that he has nothing to hide but knows that if he tells his girlfriend about his new accounts, then more arguments will follow. 

Commenters Don’t Hold Back

The Reddit community wasn’t in the mood to beat around the bush and, on the whole, avoided OP’s main question altogether. Instead, many people seemed concerned for his well-being and urged him to end the relationship. One person said that this was a “huuuuuuuge red flag” while another said that his girlfriend’s behavior was “concerning and controlling.”

One user seemed to sum up the thoughts of the community quite eloquently. They said:

“It sounds like social media is the least of your concerns. She sounds possessive to a deranged extent. You should exit the relationship.”

While his girlfriend received plenty of criticism in the comments, one person did sympathize with her while still telling OP that he needed to remove himself from the relationship. They said:

“She has probably been hurt in the past, and she needs to fix herself, not you. Time to break up and tell her to get help. She’s in a pattern with you now, and it’ll be impossible to break.”

Source: Reddit

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