Unsettling Conduct: Users Share The Creepy Behaviors Their Partners Engaged In Both During & After The Relationships

Dating new people and being in relationships with people outside our circles can sometimes be accompanied by unsettling and creepy behaviors. These behaviors can lead individuals to feel uncomfortable and disturbed. Crossing personal boundaries can create an eerie atmosphere within the relationship. In many cases, boyfriends and girlfriends have been known to be stalking, monitoring their partner’s every move, and invading their privacy. 

Parents Stepped In

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One user shared, “I dated this girl for a few weeks, and it wasn’t working out. I broke it off with her, and she was cool with it. Ran into her and her parents at the local bowling alley, and we all bowled together for a couple of hours. She started getting close to me like she wanted to get back together, but I told her no. So she walks up to her Mother and tells her I tried to rape her.  Mom looked at me, looked at her, and slapped her, not hard, but fairly solidly, and told her they are not going through “all that bulls****t” again. Thankfully her parents knew she was nuts and had played the ‘rape card’ before on some other guy.”

Scarred For Life

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A second user said, “Dated this guy for maybe.. three weeks. He ended up carving my name into his leg, then searing the skin so he’d have the scar forever. I broke up with him that very minute. Crazy. I hear he’s a drug dealer now. Awesome.”


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A third user added, “After my ex and I broke up, I started dating another girl. My ex became jealous to the point of madness. She kept stalking my girlfriend on social media. One day, on my ex’s birthday, my girlfriend got a message saying, “It’s my birthday, and I want to see MY man, so I’m coming to your city.” We laugh it off, and a few hours later, I’m taking out the trash when I see my ex’s car roll through the parking lot.”

Odd Kink

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This poster said, “I had a boyfriend who would call me drunk and mutter nasties in my ear while holding a normal conversation. I later found out he was actually having s****x with another girl and somehow got off on cheating on me.”


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A user commented, “One of my ex-girlfriends kept a logbook of every single text message I ever sent her. Not just the meaningful ones but incredibly inane ones too. A book full of handwritten and dated notes like “ok, I’m on my way.”

An Odd Spot

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This Redditor said, “I tried to break up with this girl once, and she started shrieking, then she pulled her fridge away from the wall, crawled behind it, and loudly sobbed from behind it.”

A Bit Obsessive

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A user said, “Once had a girl carve my name in her arm. It wasn’t my girlfriend, someone with a little obsession, though.”

Doing Gods Work

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A poster commented, “He stalked me for over 2 years because Jesus told him he needed to save me. Restraining orders do not work on crazy.”

A Complete 180°

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This poster recalled, “When I met him, he lived in a house, had a job, and seemed to be a stoner. By the end of our relationship, he was jobless, homeless, and had gone to jail “for my honor” or some creepy sh****t like that. He beat his roommate up with a lead pipe because he thought the guy had the hots for me. Totally unfounded.”

A Third Wheel

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A top-liked comment said, “One of my exes posted a s****x ad for both of us on Craigslist and didn’t tell me until he was in the process of setting a threeway up as a surprise. Thought I’d be happy. I wasn’t.”

A Real Head Scratcher

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A Redditor said,  “An ex of mine used to scratch dandruff off his head over a folder and then pour it into a baby jar, thus saving it. He would collect ‘enough’ and then eat it.”

Vehicular Abuse

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One user added, “I once had a girl who liked me take me for a ride through hilly, curvy country roads… taking 20 mph turns at 60, laughing hysterically saying, “HAHAHAHA I’m crazy!” while blaring fast-paced dubstep. She was offended when I grabbed the “oh sh****t” handles.”

Just Starred

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This user mentioned,” I had an ex that would stare at the bedroom door for at least 5 mins every night before we went to sleep. She would stand right in front of it, I asked her what she was doing, and she said, “Oh, sorry, just making sure it was locked”……creepy part. She never touched it, just stared.”

Watching You

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A Redditor commented, “I was studying for my law exams one year, and my now ex kept calling and texting, even though I was busy, and had told him I was studying. I went to bed, only to be woken in the early hours by him scratching the fly-screen of my window and whispering my name. He drove 40 mins to my house because he thought I was trying to dump him by not answering my phone…I told him to go home. And we broke up not long after.”

Pillow Friends

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One user recalled, “An ex-boyfriend of mine told me he made a pillow torso of me (with boobs and all) and would have s****x with it like it was me… He started this 3 years before we started dating and told me 5 months into our relationship. Broke up a month later. And it still creeps me out.”

Multiple Personalities

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A user commented, “My entire last relationship was with a pathological liar.  She claimed a lot of untrue things. One of the CREEPIEST things she did was she would “blackout” and forget who she was, or she would be aware of who she was supposed to be, but she would be someone else.”

Dissociative Sleep

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This Redditor shared, “My ex woke me halfway through the night one night because she was afraid of monsters in the closet or something. I tried talking her back to sleep, but she apparently reverted back to being 5 years old in her head. She was diagnosed with a personality disorder after we broke up.”

Intoxicating Odor

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A commenter recalled, “Had a girlfriend waiting for me in my room when I got out of class once. I walked into her, sniffing my underwear on my bed.”

Bleeding Heart

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A top-liked comment said, “I had a girlfriend when I was fresh out of high school that was a really awesome but quiet girl. So we had been dating awhile when one day she said she has a gift for me. So she hands me a beautiful gift-wrapped box, and I excitedly tear it open, wondering what’s inside. I open the box, and there’s a bloody cow’s heart in it! She went on to explain that since she can’t physically cut out and give me her heart, this was the next best thing.”


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Finally, a Redditor said, “While we were dating, she would prank call me all the time. It was constant, and I eventually dumped her. After that, she started cutting out pictures in magazines of guys that looked kind of like me and would stuff them in my mailbox. The prank calls also continued. For a couple of years after, I had to lock down my house like a fortress.”

Source: Reddit

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