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Girl Code: 12 Rules Women Follow But Keep Quiet About

We each have our unspoken rules. Rules that everyone seems to know but no one actually talks about. These rules are silently passed down from the present female generation to the newest female generation without words, and they continue no matter what. Recently, someone asked, “What’s an unspoken universal rule all females know?” The answers were honest and hilarious.

Bathroom Rules

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One Redditor added, “All bathroom noises are ignored by everyone else in the bathroom unless they are crying or throwing up. If they are crying or throwing up, ask if they are ok, and mean it.”

A second Redditor replied, “Related – if you’re in a public bathroom and someone else comes in, goes into a stall, and you hear absolute silence? That means she’s waiting for you to leave so she can poop. In that case, you finish what you’re doing and leave as quickly as you can!”

Sharing is Caring

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A popular comment was, “You always share period products when asked.”

Another most-liked comment read, “A young girl gave me a tampon from her purse as she saw me trying to buy a shitty one from the machine in a public bathroom once…I’ll never forget it and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do the same for someone else.”

Period Etiquette 

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A user wrote, “If you ever notice a period stain, you instantly tell her.”

Another user added, “My poor sister bled through her pants twice in one day. But had ladies tell her right away. Embarrassing, yes. But girl power!!”

Car Doors

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One Redditor replied, “Lock the car doors right after you get in.”

A second Redditor wrote, “And don’t dilly-dally. Get in the car, lock it, start it, and GO!”

Friends Forever

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A popular comment was, “A woman you don’t know suddenly comes up to you acting like you’re old friends? Go along with it.”

Another comment read, “But watch out for a possible MLM pitch.”

Don’t Leave Drink

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One user wrote, “Don’t leave your drink unattended at a bar or party, ever!”

Another user added, “And keep your hand covering it if you’re not directly watching it. Learned that the hard way and got roofied by a “friend.”

Help Each Other

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A Redditor replied, “You ALWAYS help the crying girl in the bathroom & you ALWAYS help the alone, drunk girl out – especially if you see random guys trying to lead her out of a club/bar.”

A second Redditor responded, “Yes! I have rescued some girls and literally stopped my car and pulled over at 3 am coming back from a shift to help a girl crying drunk in the street. ALWAYS.”

No Exes

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One person added, “Don’t date your friend’s exes!”

Another person wrote, “Apparently, my ex-best friend didn’t get that memo. Waited until I moved states and got pregnant by my ex-fiancé.”


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A popular comment simply said, “Don’t call us females.”

Another popular one was, “Never trust people who use the term “females.”


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A Redditor added, “Hover over a wet toilet seat.”

A second Redditor replied, “I carry around disinfectant wipes since I’m not skilled enough to hover when drunk or pooping. There have been a few times I just used the men’s bathroom because it had a shorter line, was cleaner, or had fewer random children crawling under the stalls asking me who my favorite super hero is.”

Potential Partners

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A user commented, “We know when a guy is coming on to us or attempting to be viewed as a prospective partner, even if when they’re rejected, they say things like “I just wanted to be your friend.” We know we’re not dumb.”

“Not” Hungry

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Finally, one Redditor added, “If we say we’re not hungry, we’re hungry. Always get extra food for us on dates even if we deny being hungry because we will take your fries. It’s always the fries.”

Source: Reddit

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