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The Top 19 Unspoken Rules For A First Date

Going on a first date can be a very intimidating thing to do. There are so many unknowns when meeting someone for the first time, even if you’ve connected prior and have been talking or texting for weeks. It’s said that there are unspoken rules and guidelines that people should abide by to ensure a smooth first date. Many of these unspoken rules can help set the foundation for a successful first date.

Phones Away

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One Redditor shared, “Your phone is not part of the date. Seriously put it away. It’s annoying when someone can’t put their phone down for even a few minutes.”

Drink At A Minimum

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A second Redditor said, “Speaking from experience. Don’t drink too much. It’s hard to make a good first impression when you’re sloppy drunk and say something you can’t take back.” 


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A third Redditor added, “Have a shower beforehand. If you go to a date smelling like body odor, it’ll be over before it even begins.”

Easy On The Scent

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A top-liked comment said, “Take it easy with the perfume/cologne. Your date shouldn’t smell you before they see you.”

Don’t Over Order

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A user shared, “Don’t order any extra plates to go so you can eat at home with your mom when the other is paying.”

Got Em’

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A Redditor added, “My husband said that years before he met me, he went on a lunch date with a girl. She wanted to go to Olive Garden, so he obliged. This girl had FOUR bowls of the endless soup or whatever they call it, and then ordered her entree to go because “that’s how you get ’em!” There was no second date.”

Share Intentions

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One user stated, “Both should know it is a date. Made this mistake the other day. Apparently, the guy didn’t realize it was a date until I went to give him a kiss. He thought we were just going to go watch a movie as friends despite our meeting on a dating app.”


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A user said, “Never make the other person carry the conversation. You’re both here to make an effort and give each other the respect. If you both want different things, then let it be said after. No need to hurt someone’s self-respect for your ego.”

No Ex Talk

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This Redditor added, “Don’t talk about your ex. No one wants to be trauma dumped about your ex and everything that went wrong.”

Be Honest

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A top-liked comment said, “Be there with honest intentions and nothing else. If it’s not going well, offer to pay half, tell the truth, and be done with it. Don’t lead them to believe it’s going better than it is.”

Save The Hobbies

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This user mentioned, “Leave the coin collection at home, wow her with that on the second date.”

Pay Your Way

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A commenter shared, “Always offer to pay half, even if the other person declines the offer it looks rude, especially if you feel like this will be a one-and-done date.”

Nix The Movies

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This user said, “Don’t go to the movies. The movies are a place where you sit in silence for 2 hours, staring straight ahead. That does not give you any opportunity to get to know the other person.”

Keep It Moving

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A Redditor added, “First dates should always be intentionally short with an option to extend. Coffee, froyo, drinks, things that can turn into an hour of talking, or “Would you like to grab a bite to eat?”

Don’t Be Boring

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A user said, “Don’t bore them to death with your useless knowledge of The Lord of The Rings series unless they’re into it. Then you can talk incessantly and impress her with your knowledge of LOTR trivia.”

Marry Them

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One Redditor commented, “If she doesn’t try to end the date early by faking her own death, then marry her!”


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A user added, “The 1st date should be something simple, and you should definitely have a plan B or a plan to extend the date if you both like what’s happening. Plan A. Random places, then the branches open up, and you got 2 options. 1. ⁠I enjoy the date. I want to extend. 2. ⁠I’m not enjoying the date. Let’s call it here.”

No Crying

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A poster said, “Don’t excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and then accidentally think about your ex while in there, have to fight back tears, and then come back to the table after way too long with puffy red eyes. Whoops.”

Be Funny

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This Redditor said, “Be yourself unless your whole personality teeters on your traumatic history. In that case, self-deprecating humor will suffice until you can successfully abandon all hope and sit in your car for an hour to cry afterward.”

Don’t Dominate The Convo

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Finally, a user shared, “Usually, when I’m asked a question, I’d answer it and then hit her with a “What about you?” To ensure that I wasn’t dominating the convo. Let the other person speak.”

Source: Reddit

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