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Are You Breaking Up With Someone? Is Your Reason on This List of Reasons Why People Break Up With Someone?

People break up with their partners for many reasons. A big reason people break up is incompatibility, whether stemming from differences in values, goals, or lifestyles, often leading to the decision to part ways. Additionally, communication breakdowns and unresolved conflicts can erode the foundation of a relationship, causing emotional distance and resentment. Trust issues, including infidelity or dishonesty, can fracture the bond between individuals. Lastly, personal growth and individual pursuits sometimes prompt breakups, as people may realize that their paths are diverging and they need to prioritize their own well-being and aspirations.

Boiled His Fish

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One commenter said, “We got into a fight, and she cranked up the heaters in my fish tank. Boiled everything alive. A tank I had going for 20 years.”

Mental Health Difficulties

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A second commenter added, “She had issues that apparently she couldn’t work on even while going to therapy and taking meds. I helped her out to the best of my abilities but ended up screwing my mental health over. So broke up to focus on myself.”

Emotionally Walled Off

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A third commenter posted, “She was emotionally walled off. Couldn’t express herself particularly well unless she was smash-faced, during which time she’d either turn nasty and belligerent or just belligerent.”

Is The Grass Greener?

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This user shared, “I thought the grass was greener on the other side. It wasn’t. There’s nothing as exciting as a new love, but there’s nothing as comfy as an old love. Don’t confuse the decline in excitement as a loss of love.”

Expensive Taste

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A poster divulged, “She was expensive. Honestly, I’m happy cooking meals at home, and she wanted to waste $30-$50 every single night.”


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Someone added, “My gut told me she wasn’t faithful, but I had no evidence and stuck with her despite a lingering feeling, assuming this was mere paranoia on my part. It wasn’t.”


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One person shared, “She ghosted me randomly. We were going out every week, texting, etc. Out of the blue, she stopped responding, blocked me on everything, and just disappeared. The last thing I tried was to call her to ensure she was at least safe and/or alive, but of course, nothing.”

Shouldn’t Listen To Friends

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A top-liked comment said, “Because I’m an idiot. I listened to some friends I shouldn’t have and pushed her away. My consequences for this are 20 years of regret. Always check yourself before making life-changing decisions, people.”

Differences In Beliefs

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This person stated, “Religious differences. She thought she was God, and I disagreed. She was a philosophy major. We’d have long discussions where she’d prove I didn’t exist.”

Bad For Her

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A user mentioned, “I was bad for her. I suffer from chronic depression, and that often leads to me being distant and sometimes straight up forgetting she exists along with the rest of the world. She was good and patient, but I couldn’t be the partner she deserved, so I broke it off and set her free.”

Got Another Woman Pregnant

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This commenter posted, “He cheated on me, lied to me, forgot to mention he left another woman pregnant and abandoned the baby. Because of him, I got death threats from other women, and he would always accuse me of everything he actually did. I worked for many years on my mental health, and I had 4 mental breakdowns in 3 months. Never again.”

Ex Comparisons

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One poster lamented, “He had a problem comparing me to his ex and making me pay for her mistakes. Hightailed it after a few months.”

Personal Insecurities

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Someone shared, “It was my insecurities that made me break it off. I felt like I would eventually let her down and be a disappointment. She was the most loving and caring person I have ever known. Her family is accepting and supportive, just like her. It may be that I miss her family even more than her. That was in 2006.”

Became Roommates

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A top-liked comment said, “Despite living together, we barely spoke or hung out for months, and both only remembered our anniversary days after it happened. I think it was shortly after that that we decided to split up.”

Differing Goals

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Finally, someone added, “Had different goals in life. I was in college and willing to move to most states if I could find a job there. My ex wanted to stay in the small town he grew up in and didn’t have any college education. In fact, he barely passed high school.” Source: Reddit

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